The most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey

Turkey’s tourism is characterized by a great variety of cultural, tourist, and therapeutic features as it is considered the sixth country in the world rankings of the best tourist areas. Thus, we have collected the best places and attractions you can visit when you go to Turkey.

What are the tourism seasons in Turkey?

This is an important and common question that comes to the mind of the person who wants to make a trip to Turkey. Therefore, this question must be answered in some detail because Turkey is one of the most important tourist countries in the world throughout the four seasons.

First, spring, which begins in Turkey from April 4 to May 5, is the best time and season for a tourist trip because of the good and pleasant climate in this period, and it is preferable to visit Istanbul and its neighboring cities

Secondly, in the summer, it is recommended to visit the cities that overlook the beaches and rivers, in order to have an enjoyable atmosphere and a beautiful and comfortable view. one of the most famous Turkish cities where there are beaches and water places: (Bodrum, Antalya, which is an attraction for all tourists , and Marmaris). it is also possible to visit the highlands and mountainous areas that are characterized by the open air, cold climate, and greenery which are located in the northern cities of Turkey.

Third, the fall, which begins in the month of 9 and ends in the month of 11, is a suitable time and one of the best times in which it is possible to visit the tourist places in Turkey, and this credit is characterized by a good mild climate for the practice of tourism, hiking and enjoying the scenic views.

Finally, winter, which starts from the 12th to the 3rd month,  is very cold and snowfalls a lot, so in this season, tourists go to Turkey to spend a tourist period in the winter resorts, which are located in Mount Kartepe and Mount Uludag in the Stock Exchange.

The most important and most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey

Goreme Open Air Museum

The Goreme Open Air Museum is one of the oldest and most famous museums in Turkey and in the world as well. This comes as it was classified and included by UNESCO in the World Heritage and Humanity that confirmed its importance.

This museum is located in the Cappadocia region and consists of a number of churches that contain a variety of wonderful, and attractive murals that were built several centuries ago and are said to have been established in the tenth century AD.  This museum is an important place of the places that were controlled by the Byzantine state. Also, this museum is one of the most visited museums by a large number of tourists to see the chapels, churches and murals. This museum was restored and repaired in 1964 AD.

Olympus area

Olympus is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is characterized by the calmness of this city, its pleasant climate, and the view of the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the tourist places in the summer due to the large number of summer resorts there.

In addition to its pleasant and mild climate, it is also a very quiet place to get away from the cities that are full of noise and disturbance.

Also, this city is more like an old village, where there are a lot of wooden huts that are abundant in this city, which gives you a wonderful view.

There is also a valley containing a large number of trees crossed by a river that flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

There is a possibility of doing barbecue parties for you and your family on the fire of the volcano that is located there.

Do not hesitate to visit this wonderful city, which is characterized by the calm and the attractive view.


The city of Antalya is one of the most famous Turkish cities, which is characterized by a touristic character, as tourists flock to it from all over the world. This city is located at the top of the Taurus Mountains.

The city of Antalya is characterized by charm and scenic beauty because of its magnificence, and this beauty can only be seen in this city. In addition, it overlooks a large number of forests, historical and archaeological sites, and waterfalls as well, so it is considered one of the most beautiful Turkish cities.

There is a lot of entertainment and tourism in this tourist city, where there are resorts, resorts and recreational places, which are available to you and all your family members, and you can easily own real estate in Antalya in order to stay in this charming beauty.

Dacha region

Dacha area is located in Mugla Province, and this area is one of the important tourist places in Turkey as it overlooks the Aegean Sea. there are several important tourist cities, the most important of which is the city of Bodrum, which is quiet and suitable for recreation and rest.

Cappadocia Historic Region

Cappadocia is a great tourist area as many tourists go to it to have fun and luxury and contemplate the attractive beauty of this region.

It is also a free area of industrial and environmental pollutants, so you can breathe clean, healthy air.

Also, this area is distinguished for riding and enjoying balloons to see the area from the top and enjoy its beautiful scenes.

In this area, there are many hotels dug into the mountains, with the possibility to enjoy a family barbecue and experience a hot Turkish bath.

Aya Sofia Museum

This museum, which is one of the most important historical and heritage museums in Turkey and the world, is located in Istanbul. Its construction dates back to the era of the Byzantine Empire, and this museum is the tourist interface of Istanbul.

There is a mixture of cultures in this museum where it combines the Byzantine and Ottoman architecture, and this gives it an attractive character and a mixiure of different civilizations.

This museum was a church in the era of the Byzantine Empire, but it was converted into a mosque after Muhammad the Conqueror bought it, and then turned into a museum during the era of the Turkish state when it was announced and established.

The date of its construction was in 532 AD by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, and he built it over a period of five consecutive years, but due to its renovation several times, different civilizations were combined such as the Byzantine, Eastern and then Ottoman architectural imprints. 

You can make a real estate investment in Istanbul to benefit greatly, and you can obtain Turkish citizenship within a short time.

Istanbul parks

Istanbul parks are among the tourist destinations for families, especially in the spring, due to the beauty and splendor of these parks as the residents of Istanbul themselves visit them to see the scenic views.

Because of its beauty, tourists go out from their resorts and hotels, even Istanbul residents leave their luxurious places and resorts, to see these parks, and roses scattered everywhere.

Miniaturk in Istanbul

Miniaturk is an open museum, inside which there are miniature and simulated models of historical and heritage monuments in Turkey, and these models contain the smallest details to simulate the landmarks in the best possible way. This museum is visited by families and tourists from different countries of the world in all seasons of the year.

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