Stay in the Present with these Technology Blogs:

Stay in the Present with these Technology Blogs:

Most professionals in every industry struggle to keep up with the latest tech trends. The best way to keep up with the latest technology trends is online information!

If you are looking for insightful articles and insights from the tech sector, then you should read blogs that are 

1. trendy answer

Trendyanswer is a hugely popular publication that captures real insights into the technology world. It’s no stranger to topics such as science, technology entertainment, politics, and social networking. Wired is a great tech blog. It’s comprehensive and informed.

This blog is all about modern life and the technology sector. It answers all questions related to tech trends, gadget reviews and the most recent updates.

Wired has been ranked among the top tech blogs for professionals from every industry. It provides great ideas to present the most pertinent topics to your audience.

2. Fauj Technology

You can invest in the tech business with one of the most successful technology blogs this year, Faujtech

This blog contains content about businesses that are related to tech. It also provides analysis and news on emerging tech trends, as well as listings of new products in the market. It was one of the first to publish a broad overview on funding rounds and startups in tech.

Faujtech provides information about the latest gadgets and apps that are relevant to business. It’s like an information reservoir about Internet companies and startups all over the globe.

3. Recode

Currently owned by VOX Media, Recode provides the most up-to-date independent technology news and analysis trends as well as reviews from the most knowledgeable journalists and bloggers in media/technology.

Recode focuses on Silicon Valley businesses to show how the tech world is changing.

Kara Swisher, the founder of the blog, has all the connections to the most recent tech tips and products. This makes it an excellent technology blog!

4. Mashable

Mashable has a worldwide reputation as an entertainment and multi-platform media channel.

This tech blog, powered by its own proprietary technology is the best source of tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated global audience.

Mashable offers information for those who want to keep up with all the latest happenings in tech, including finance, movies, and gadgets.


CNET follows the most recent trends in consumer technology with unwavering precision. This is one of the best technology blogs you will find.

CNET offers reliable guides, instructional videos, as well as the most current news about technology and sports. CNET is a great place to start when you are considering purchasing a new gadget. It provides honest reviews and pricing information, making it one the most popular technology blogs.

6. Verge

The Verge is another engaging tech blog that VOX Media publishes news, guidebooks and feature stories.

The Verge is more than just a tech publication. It’s arguably the most knowledgeable website about current-day trends, products and other topics. This legendary technology blog seems able to access all tech products, often before they are even released or finished.

7. Venturebeat

VentureBeat has been a leading blog for tech news and events.

The blog reports on breaking news and provides comprehensive coverage of prime tech companies. This blog includes articles about tech, news, general news, as well as businesses.

Transformative technology, AI and AR/VR can all be yours. VentureBeat is well-known for organizing large events that focus on innovative technology and big ideas.

8. Slashdot

Slashdot has that vintage early 00’s feel with its summary resources and upvote options.

This blog focuses on technology trends such as open source, security and gadget reviews.

It was originally called “News for Nerds”. The Stuff That Matters Slashdot also has news stories about technology, science and politics. Slashdot is a blog that combines the classic techy feel with the absence of advertising distractions like other major publications.

9. Gizmodo

Gizmodo provides the best online tech portal for keeping up with all the latest gadget news. You can find tutorials and guides that will help you learn about all the latest gadgets on the market.

Popular tech blog and news site, Gizmodo keeps its fingers on the pulse of technology updates for its readers. Gizmodo, as with most technology blogs, has a progressive edge. Everyone is welcome to visit this site.

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10. Engadget

Engadget is now a global technology blog that has millions of users!

The blog is a place where readers can find the latest news and reviews in entertainment, gaming and tech. They leave the blog feeling satisfied and informed. You can also use this blog to access the archives of some of your favorite early tech publications.

This website provides trusted updates on the most recent releases so that you always have the best information. Engadget has a video section that walks you through the features and how they look. This blog is great for tech geeks!

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