Roti Maker: Features and Benefits of a Roti Maker


A roti is a delicacy that is paired with different curries. It is a very important element of the South Asian region. It is paired with vegetable, meat and lentil curries. A roti is a round, flat bread made of wheat or all purpose flour.

Making a perfect, round and soft roti is not an easy task. It involves lots of effort, hard work and of course time as well. It is a time consuming process. If you are also one of them who are tired of spending lots of time in the kitchen in the effort to make round rotis, then we have a perfect solution for you: a roti maker.

What is a Roti Maker?

A roti maker is an electric device that is used to make soft, fluffy and round rotis in less than a minute. Anyone who wants to make perfect rotis and wants to save lots of time, a roti maker is the perfect solution. It can make perfectly cooked rotis very efficiently and effectively in a very less time. For more Details

Features of a Roti Maker

1. Curved Base

A roti maker machine has a curved but straight base. The dough ball is placed on the curved surface of the roti maker. The curved structure helps in making a fluffy roti. The purpose of a curved structure is to make the roti round and fluffy.

2. Adjustable Temperature

The roti makers come with the option of adjustable temperatures. This feature helps in making rotis according to the taste of different people. Some people like overly cooked rotis while some like it fresh and soft. The temperature adjustment lets you adjust the temperature according to the type of roti you want to make. Moreover this feature gives you the liberty to decrease or increase the temperature when you find it necessary.

3. Non-Stick Plates

The top and bottom plates of a roti maker come with a non-stick coating. This non-stick coating ensures that the dough does not stick to the plates while pressing. If the coating is damaged or it is of less quality, the dough will stick on the top and bottom plates. Resultantly, you will not get a perfect roti.

4. Power Display Feature

The power display feature helps to identify whether the machine is in on state or off state. This feature also displays temperature. You can adjust the temperature accordingly by looking at the power display.

Benefits of a Roti Maker

A roti maker comes with lots of useful features for those who have busy schedules and also for those who do not want to spend lots of their time in the kitchen trying to make round rotis. Following are some of the benefits of roti makers.

1. Time Saving

In today’s world, everyone is busy. No one has enough time to spend on roti making as it is no doubt a tedious and time consuming task. All of us want to save the time that we spend in the kitchen. All this is possible with the help of a roti maker. You can make even better rotis as compared to the ones you make with traditional methods and within a very less amount of time.

2. Mess Free

Roti makers are mess free or you can say that they create very less mess as compared to the traditional method of roti making. You only have to knead the dough. This requires flour and water only. After kneading the dough you have to put the dough balls in the roti maker. No other equipment is required and no other steps are needed to be performed after that. You can replace all the old equipment of roti making with a single equipment that is the roti maker. This will also help in clearing up much space on your kitchen counters. Therefore making rotis through a roti maker is a less messy option.

3. More Nutritious

A roti maker has a heating feature that ensures even heat distribution across the plates on which a dough ball is placed to make a roti. This even heat distribution system helps to cook the roti in a perfect way. That is why many people argue that a roti made in the roti maker is more nutritious and healthy as it is evenly cooked from all sides.

4. No Force of Hands Required

Roti making is not an easy task. It requires a force and pressure applied by your hands and knuckles. The pressure applied on the knuckles while rolling a roti is intense. The roti maker helps to reduce this effort made by your hands and knuckles.

A roti maker will be your ultimate best friend in the kitchen when it comes to making round, soft and fluffy rotis in a very less time. No matter whether you have any experience in roti making or not or what is your age, a roti maker is very easy to use and you will learn the method to use it in very less time.

Final Words

A roti maker is a sweetie pie for all those who are in trouble of spending extra time and effort in the kitchen in making round, soft rotis. A roti maker will help to reduce your effort and time in the kitchen.

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