PS2 Emulator Android for Windows, PC, Free Download [Top 6 Emulator]

PS2 Emulator Android

PS2 Emulator Android – If you ask a gamer about the most successful gaming consoles, then he will definitely name Play Station 2 or PS2. Till today PS 2 is the most sold gaming console. Over 159 million units have been sold to date.

Because of its extreme craze, over 1 billion PS2 games have been launched. Those who still miss those wonderful gaming days with PS2 can relive those golden memories once again. But most of us are not lucky enough to own a full-fledged play station two consoles. Well, PS2 Emulators come as a savior.

PS2 Emulator Android

PS2 Emulator Android

PS 2 emulators for android can let you play PS2 games and have a great time. To play classic games like Dragon Ball Z, Burn out dominator, Little Big Planet, and so on, you can use emulators for android devices. These emulators will enable you to enjoy the PS2 games on your smartphones. All you need to do is to find the apt emulator and find the correct ROM. We have listed the top 6 PS2 emulators that we tried and found worthy.

Top 6 PS2 Emulator Android

1. Pro Play Station: It is an extremely popular PS2 emulator for your android smartphones. It is capable of providing you the original gameplay feeling. It is a cross-platform app, and hence some of the games do not work properly wit this emulator. Games can be played in HQ graphics.


  • Self-explanatory and clean user interface
  • Save states
  • On-screen controllers
  • Maps
  • Good GPU rendering
  • Compatibility to several ROMs
  • Amazing optimization

2. PTWOE: At present, you can have access to two different versions of this emulator. They differ in terms of stability, speed, and bugs. The user interface also differs in both cases. You will need a BIOS file for the proper functioning of this app.

3. Golden PS2: We cannot give a miss to this astounding android emulator. Fas emulators have developed this one. Users are quite fond of this android emulator. It enables the users to enjoy all the basic features of Play station Games. It is one of the fastest emulators for playing PS2 games on android devices. Also, it is compatible with an extensive range of ROMs. It is capable of optimizing the graphics of almost all the games quickly and straightforwardly.

4. Play! Users find this emulator highly useful. It is not supported by any big developer. But since it has not received any updates lately, there may be some issues while running it. The app last got an update in mid-2017.


  • It allows you to play ICO, Grand Theft Auto Sans, etc.
  • Compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, etc.
  • Supports 128-bit games

5. PPSSPP: It has 4.2+rating on the Play Store. Millions of people have downloaded it. It simulates the original gameplay of the PSP console. There may be some bugs and lags in the games.


  • Smooth user interface
  • Stability
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Highly optimized games
  • Enhanced performance

6. DamonPS2: This one again is quite popular among the users. It is also known by the name of Free PS2 Emu. It is popular because of its swift optimization and simulation of almost all of the Play Station games. But the specifications of your device will definitely affect the performance of the emulator. This emulator will, for sure, make you feel nostalgic. Also, it is available on Google Play Store.


  • Supports games from PSX and PSP.
  • Neon accelerations
  • 1080P HD quality
  • Supports gamepad
  • Skipping of BIOS boot games


Since Play Station 2 itself is a popular console, all available emulators are popular. All 6 of them are quite satisfactory in performance. Hope this will helps you in selecting an emulator that caters to your requirement and preferences. Download any one of the above-given emulators and relive your childhood days once again.

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