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NES Emulator

NES Emulator – When we think of some of the gaming consoles of the 1990s, the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES strikes our mind. Being the most iconic game console, it had a wide variety of games. It offered a plethora of family contents too.

The best part is that it came with a simple controller. The system got lost with time as highly upgraded gaming consoles took its place gradually. But the gamers of the 90s still feel nostalgic about those great games. So, the only way to revive those golden memories is by using NES emulation.

NES Emulator

NES Emulator

So what exactly is NES Emulator?

It is a kind of system that allows you to play those old games in your latest Android device. The NES emulators are generally quite stable, have customizable controls, extremely high compatibility, and a very few bug-related issues. We have chosen some of the best NES emulators for android. These NES style Bluetooth controllers fit easily in your budget and have garnered some great reviews from the users. You can download some of the NES apps from the Play Store and third-party websites.



Designed by FCEUX, this Android-based emulator is highly effective. The portable version proves to be extremely useful for gamers. You need to have a micro SD card in your phone for downloading the Nostalgia.NES emulator. The ROMs must be loaded onto that card.


  • It provides a clean interface that is perfect for touchscreen controls.
  • At a time, four players can connect to play the games.
  • Allows the usage of standard Bluetooth Android gamepads.
  • It supports save-states and rewinding.



If you are in search of a robust multi-console emulator, then RetroArch will impress you. It is available on Google Play. It is capable of emulating umpteen devices, and NES is definitely among them. You need a bit of learning before using this emulator. This emulator app is free.


  • Have to download crores from the official website.
  • Crores open up a specific console for you according to your choice. Thus it requires some extra set-up.



This emulator is quite a new arrival. The developers of SuperRetro16 have developed this emulator too. It is a great emulator, indeed. A few bugs are definitely there, but with time the emulator will get better.


  • Thousands of cheat codes available.
  • Supports Bluetooth controllers.
  • It has an in-game guide integration.
  • It consists of a turbo mode.
  • It supports the Zapper gun.
  • It provides the facility of Cloud support for several devices.

4-John NESS


If you want a dual emulator for NES as well as SNES, then John NESS would be the ideal one for you. The highly talented developers have come up with this brilliant, fully-featured emulator.


  • It covers all the bases – saves, load states, and cheats.
  • It supports a hardware controller.
  • It has a customizable software controller as well.
  • It supports the slow motion.
  • It has turbo buttons.
  • Optional Dropbox syncing with John DataSync plugin app.



This one too is sort of anew arrival in the list of emulators. This emulator serves as a one-stop-solution for the gamers. It acts as an emulator for PlayStation, Nintendo DS, GBA, SNES, and GBC.


  • It supports to save and load states.
  • It supports fast forward.
  • It supports the hardware controller.
  • It has several performance-based settings.
  • It has a Material Design support.
  • It is extremely easy to use.


It is one of the best emulators available for NES. It utilizes the popular FCEUX emulator for other platforms. The unique features compensate for the expensive price tag.


  • It supports save and load states.
  • It supports the hardware controller.
  • It has turbo buttons.
  • It has a Wi-Fi controller mode.
  • It is available in several regions.
  • It supports Zapper emulation.
  • It has lots of cheat codes.
  • It has a super unique rewind feature, which proves to be highly useful when you mess something up.

7-Snes9x Ex+


Snes9x Ex+ is a popular free to use the light-weight app. It is an apt choice for the ones looking for SNES or Super Famicom console games. It is compatible with any Android phone or tablet that is integrated with 1.0+ GHz processors. The premium version has many advanced features that make Snes9x Ex+ a fully-functional emulator.


  • Manual integration of ROM and game files.
  • Offers game file browsing options for SD cards.
  • It supports .smc, sfc, zip, rar and 7z formats as ROMs.
  • It provides seamless in-game audio rendering
  • It supports Bluetooth audio routing.



MAME4droid is free to use an android app that allows users to play classic MAME 0.139u games on Android devices. It gives a great playing experience for old arcade games. For a smooth experience, we recommend you to have at least a dual-core processor based Android device.


  • Supports most of the old games and 8000+ classic games ROMs of MAME 0.139u l console.
  • Offers image smoothing fictions for better visual output.
  • Completely supports Nvidia shield devices.
  • Supports numerous USB and Bluetooth based game controllers.
  • Offers high-quality audio and visual scaling
  • It provides many customizable settings for compatible games.

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