Emulators for PC (2020 Edition) – We Tested 1000+ of Them for You <3

Emulators for PC

Emulators for PCEmulators when you want to use mouse and keyboards

There can be several reasons why someone would install the emulator on their PC. For some people, it’s a great solution to play the game on their PC without coming across several lags and errors. Sometimes, high-end games can consume a massive amount of storage on the phone. Therefore, it’s a smart choice to move on to the emulators.

Emulators for PC

Emulators for PC

The emulators are sought-after among gamers, and there is a wide variety of emulators to choose from. Note- The installation process can be quite complex, but it will scarcely take some effort. It is also quite notable that the market has been slowed down, and it has witnessed a lot of hiders.

Prime uses of the Android Emulators


One of the major reasons to install emulators is to play games. Downloading and playing the game on the mobile device can lead to issues such as over-heating, lack of storage, and low RAM. It saves battery life and enhances the gaming experience. Some of the most popular emulators are MeMup, Bluestacks, and Nox.

Apart from the gamers, it is also preferred by app developers. To test the games, the developers have to test them on as many devices as possible. To ensure the application is compatible and works perfectly fine, Genymotion and Xamarin can be the perfect emulators to test.

The third most common reason for using the emulator is productivity. However, using the Chromebook for using the application can be the best choice. However, if you still wish to use it with the help of an emulator, Bliss and Archon can be the best alternative.

Most Popular Emulators for Windows/Mac PC

ARChon (Free)


Archon emulator can be used as a chrome extension and enables the chrome to support outright Android applications and games. The emulator is compatible with all kinds of operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Getting started with this emulator can be quite arduous, you will require installing some tools to change the apk. We are linked to official Github, and there you’ll be able to find out the outright instructions of using the emulator.

Bliss OS (Free)


Bliss OS works like an android emulator for PC by dint of the virtual machine. Using the virtual machine can be a strenuous job, especially if you are not familiar with it. However, you can also access it on the PC with the help of the-boot from the USB option. The alternative of USB is not recommended for the less intense cases. The emulator proffers the Android Oreo, which can be nowhere to be found in other emulators. Therefore, it is among the top-graded emulators.

GameLoop (Free)


GameLoop is popularly known for playing the games associated with the Tencent. It’s the priority of numerous gamers to play the PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, and so much more. It is compatible with all kinds of games. The emulator is not recommended for productivity purposes. The keyboard control and performance of the emulator is considered unparalleled. You undoubtedly have a smooth experience of playing the games.

Genymotion (Free)


Genymotion emulator was not developed for consumer uses. It is usually preferred by the developers to test the applications. Users can switch between the various versions of Android to check their compatibility and how it responds to various types of devices. It can run on both your desktop and cloud. Also, it is capable enough to support low-end computers with ease.

Bluestacks (Free)


Bluestacks is one such emulator that still gets regular updates and is also said to be the heaviest. It is compatible with Windows and Mac systems. It includes settings for many games and key-mapping that makes things easier.

LDPlayer (Free)


LDPlayer is another popular emulator on the block that supports the latest games like Clash of Clans, PUBG Mobile, Black Desert Mobile, Brawl Stars, and includes good keyboard mapping control. This emulator also gets regular updates, nearly every month. It runs on an older version of Android.

Nox (Free)

Noxanother free emulator that includes actual controller support, key-mapping with your keyboard, and ability to key-map gesture controls. For example, you can assign the function to swipe left to an arrow key and use that in a game without actual hardware controller support.

Phoenix OS (Free)

Phoenix OS is a newbie on the block that boasts a gamer experience. It runs on Android 7.1, which is relatively modern for an Android emulator. Our suggestion that you be careful with the boot loader. UI and performance are awesome. However, we can’t compare it to Remix OS. You must use Phoenix OS with the Nugget version. You will surely get an amazing experience of Android applications on PC

Xamarin (Free)


Xamarin can be plugged into Microsoft Visual Studio. Interestingly, it comes with a built-in emulator for game testing. We recommend this one only for developers. The setup may be a little complicated for a regular player. If we compare it with Genymotion, Xamarin’s is not as powerful, but the job will still be done. It is available for free for personal use, and a premium version is also available for large teams.

YouWave (Free)


Another old Android emulator for PC, this free version of YouWave, works on Ice Cream Sandwich. If you wish to enjoy the Lollipop version, you will have to shed $29.99.We tried both the versions and were quite happy. YouWave’s installation process is easy. We recommend you use the free version instead of premium as the former works pretty fine, and we have not seen any recent update for the premium version.

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