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Owning waterfront property is exciting. This brings ultimate peace and relaxation to you. The sunrise and sunset is one of the few occasions in a day which you can enjoy. Homes at Long Lake also bring the same exciting feelings. Long Lake Maine waterfront homes for sale are the best for a nature-loving individual. Long Lake real estate is hot due to its natural views and calm environment.

Real estate in long lake Maine has highly sought after. Nevertheless, before you opt for a Long Lake waterfront property, you need to know about the area. Long Lake is between three towns i.e. Naples, Bridgton, and Harrison, and is 11 miles in length. Long Lake is important for the Sebago Lake Area, which incorporates close Puma Lake, Little Sebago, Thompson Lake, Espresso Lake, Cognac Lake, Moose Lake, Wonderful Lake, and Sickle Lake.   The lake is 1 mile wide at certain focuses with the greatest profundity of 59 feet and a typical profundity of 25 feet.

Life at Long Lake waterfront properties:

Found north of the Naples Interstate, Long Lake is close to the numerous sporting exercises based on the Highway. Well-known exercises incorporate seaplane rides, parasailing, windsurfing, and lake visits on the Songa Waterway Sovereign. Marinas in Naples and Harrison offer boat rentals with the public harbor in Naples situated within strolling distance of shops and eateries.

Liquor Lake associates Long Lake toward the north with Sebago Lake toward the south by means of the Songa Stream Lock, so boaters have a lot of landscape to visit and see.

Long Lake fits numerous sporting exercises, one of which is its extraordinary fishing. Fishermen come to the lake for its phenomenal smallmouth bass fishing, which is supposed to be the absolute best in the district with its typical 2-4 pound gets. Largemouth bass likewise makes its home in the lake, averaging around 3 pounds, however, you ought not to be astounded to hear accounts of 8-pound triumphs. Additionally pervasive in Lengthy Lake’s waters is landlocked salmon, which finds its direction to the lake by means of tight channels from West Amazing and Enormous Lake. On the off chance that you can come to the lake in September/October, you can look for salmon while you look at the dynamite fall foliage surrounding you.

The Maine view is amazing all year and guests ought to make the best of the seasons. The hotter months present you with stunning vistas of clear blue water and green foliage. The pre-winter months paint a range of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns across the scene. In the colder time of year, snow covers the land and gives the staggering photograph amazing open doors. Contingent upon your inclinations and the seasons, these displays can be delighted in from climbing trails, and picturesque ignores available via vehicle or by water in your kayak.

Hence it will be a great choice to live in a long lake waterfront home. Our agents will guide you through all the details and will give you the best possible options. Contact us now.

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