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How to Find Out Your Exact Number of Twitter Followers?

Twitter indicates what number of fans an account has on its Profile page. But if the number is 10,000 or more, it rounds it to the closest 100. For instance, right over here is @WPtips with 9,759:

Let’s say you have got greater than 10,000 fans and need to realize exactly what number. That’s no longer unreasonable! Perhaps you’re making a observation of growth through the years.

An increase from 10.1K to ten.2K should represent as many as 199 new fans (10,050 to 10,249) or as few as one (10,149 to 10,one hundred fifty).

On computing device Twitter, you may until closing month (May 2020) just hover over that rounded discern at the profile page and an genuine figure might appear in a tooltip. Sadly that has now been eliminated. Instead you could do the subsequent:

  • Exact Twitter follower anticipate computer
  • Make certain you’re logged in for your Twitter account
  • Go to Twitter Analytics (pick out More > Analytics in the menu or go to
  • In the top proper is your follower rely on rounded to the closest hundred
  • Hover over that and an actual matter will seem in a tooltip

Exact Twitter followers assume cell

When I first wrote this put up (6 June 2020), Twitter’s unfastened authentic app became nevertheless showing me an exact follower account:

However, I sooner or later upgraded to the most recent model of the app (8.21 at the time of writing) and this record is not displayed.

However, in case you happen to be using an older version of the Twitter app over here, the manner is straightforward:

  • Make positive you are logged in on your Twitter account
  • Click on your profile photograph (top left) to visit your profile records
  • In the top right, you’ll see your follower count rounded to the nearest hundred
  • Click on that and you will see a listing of all your fans along with a specific follower count number
  • Try Echofon as an alternative

If this doesn’t work for you, I could advise trying the loose Echofon for the Twitter app instead (there’s additionally a paid-for ‘Pro’ version, however, the unfastened one is actually exceptional for our functions).

Certainly, on iOS, this still shows a specific follower rely on, as of model thirteen.2.Eight. I’m assuming this is the case on Android too.

Here’s a way to locate that exact follower to be counted:

  • Make positive you’re logged in to your Twitter account on the Echofon for Twitter app
  • Click Menu in the top left
  • Click Your_Account_Name’s Profile (manifestly this could mirror your account name, which I do no longer recognise!)

Until matters alternate again – happy analysing. And why now not comply with @technicallyprod on Twitter even as you are at it? We’re nevertheless pretty away from that 10,000 mark!

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