How to chose the best gaming laptop?

How to chose the best gaming laptop?

Desktop is supreme for all the game lovers out there. But sometimes, they need more portable devices to pick their interests in public. Finding the best gaming laptop that fits your interests and has the superpower to play games is tough. But it is not impossible. We are here to help you out in choosing the best gaming laptop for you. 

In this article, we will pitch you the necessary features that are the most important in finding the right pick for you. So let us move forward with the report. 

Some Quick Tips

  • Get your hands on a good GPU. Most of the games are GPU-dependent. You cannot upgrade this feature on the laptop. It will make sure that your laptop plays games at high settings. 
  • Wait to upgrade your laptop on the first day. However, many gamers allow you to upgrade your RAM and storage but wait for some time before the upgrade.
  • Check for the resolutions. The fattest display will be 360 Hz, which only comes at 1920 X 1080 resolution. Thus your 4K screen will be slower for this resolution. 
  • Get yourself a good keyboard. You want to keep your playing on a mushy and impactful keyboard. 
  • It would be best to have a regular power supply because very few gaming laptops will give you 8 hours of gaming time after a charge. 


What GPU Will You Need

There are only some games that support CPU. Most of the games still use GPU. At this point, most gaming notebooks come with the Nvidia Geforce GTX or RXT GPUs. The RTX models give you the premium features of the current gaming generation. Some of the remarked features of the gaming laptop are

  • If you do not want to play for the high settings, you can go for the GTX 3050. This will let you play most of the games in a middle setting. It is most noticeable and worth your investment. 
  • An RTX 3070 will let you play anything on the laptop in high settings. Though the range can vary with these laptops, they are tight to give a perfect experience. 
  • RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 are the most powerful 30-series cards for gaming. They are enough to keep your experience intact throughout the scenario.


What Are The Other Specs You Should Look For


Apart from the design and modification, there are some general aspects to look at before finalizing the gaming laptop for yourself. Let us take a look at them.


  • CPU

The range of your CPU depends on your budget. You can get a very powerful core i7 CPU or even more like an Intel Core i9 12900 HK. There is also an option for laptops having desktop CPUs. This will enhance gaming power. However, most of the games still support GPUs. So you can get it with the core i5 processor.


  • RAM

Gaming is always RAM intensive. 8 GB is the normal recommendation for laptops with normal tasks. To increase its productivity, you should increase it up to 16 GB on a gaming pc. First, try to find the most RAM in the initial stage itself.


  • Storage

Want to go for a hard drive or SSD? Or both? Some budget gaming laptops only come with a hard drive of 1 TB. But now, many gaming laptops understand the customers’ needs and pricing space, so check it for more spaceship gaming programming. 


Some Tools For The Display


Displays, in most cases, are overlooked, but in gaming laptops, it is the major checkpoint in the list. The built-in screen is the major aspect of how you will see your games. 


  • Size

Most gaming laptops have only 15 to 17-inch screens. Some laptops provide you with 18-inch big screens. Make sure it fits on your list before finalizing the laptop.


  • Resolution

Do not settle below the 1920X1080 display. Even after such a resolution, you need to turn down some of the settings if you cannot ray tracing.


  • Refresh rate

For gamers, 1080p resolution is enough. Most of the laptops give you the same resolution. But some laptops also provide high resolution, up to 360 Hz, which makes the gaming experience smoother. 


  • Touch screen?

Laptops are more advanced than desktops, but for gamers, it is a bit tricky to use; they are even unnecessary for gaming notebooks. Please do not waste your money, as it kills the battery life and makes things glossy.




Choosing a gaming laptop is a challenging task. Make sure you get your hands on the set that lasts for more years. Try to get a midrange to high-end GPU. Do refer to RAM and other aspects already mentioned in the article. You can also alter some of the features according to your personal need. You can check the top options for every category at overseasindian.


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