Facebook And YouTube To Be Accessible Through Television

Social networking and 9ja News sites and media like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and YouTube will soon be accessible through television sets. The enabling technological advancement was announced last week at the launch of Sony Internet Television.

Speaking at the July 16 event held at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos, Osamu Miura, Managing Director of Sony Gulf, projected that the introduction of Internet Television to Nigeria would meet the demands of 44 million Internet users, including over three million Facebook users in the country. With 18 different channels and the opportunity to access Facebook, Twitter and YouTube while watching TV, Miura described the new Internet service as “Television Redefined.”

3D revolution

Noting that increase in the use of 3D cameras is a major source of development in the information and entertainment sector, Miura set out some of his company’s credentials in the Internet TV revolution. “Sony was the official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup last year and it exclusively captured the 25 matches of the tournament in 3D on live broadcast. This content is available in 3D by Sony pictures or entertainment. We will capture the same excitement on 3D of the Brazil World Cup that will hold in 2014,” he said.

Mr Miura added that the official 2010 World Cup song, ‘Waka Waka’ by Shakira, occasioned the first ever 3D music video, record by Sony. He affirmed that the electronics and entertainment giant is geared towards this technological advancement in more ways than one, since Internet Television is high definition and 3D rolled into one.

Miura pointed out that 11 out of the 25 models of Sony LCDs being launched are 3D enabled. Sony is involved in every aspect of 3D including production, distribution, content creation and other personal 3D devices, he informed. “Sony is the first to introduce an entire range of 3D devices, like 3D televisions, 3D players, 3D handy cams, 3D digital cameras, 3D movies and 3D music. Here in Nigeria, we will promote 3D television aggressively.” In addition to its benefits for learning, “We can enjoy 3D television for sports, music and documentaries,” Miura added.

Bravia new world

In his remarks, the deputy general manager of Sony Gulf, Ashley John, noted that “Only in the last one and a half years, Sony has taken big strides in developing the 3D business domain itself.” He thus announced that the X-reality engine that drives Internet TV would optimize all the picture quality on Bravia Television.

“You can access your Twitter, and Facebook all from your living room. Life becomes interesting, people come closer to each other,” he stated.

“You could never imagine that you could communicate, that you could search the Television itself. This function is no more restricted to laptops or mobile phones. You can do all of these through Bravia TV.”

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