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ELECTRIC UNICYCLES are great for commuting because they can be folded up and stored anywhere you can fit a shopping bag. Not only do they take up less space than a shopping bag, but they don’t bother other commuters. They are great for taking on the subway, too, because you won’t have to shout to be heard.


InMotion Electric Unicycles are light and ultra-portable. The InMotion V5F Electric Unicycle has a compact design that makes it easy to take it wherever you need to go. InMotion Electric Unicycles are also very affordable. The InMotion V5F Electric Unicycle has a price of $299 and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

The Inmotion V12 Electric Unicycle features a 100V wheel that can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h (43 mph). This unicycle is packed with features including a Bluetooth speaker, a touch screen, adjustable pedal heights and low/high beams.

Inmotion V12HT

The Inmotion V12HT Electric Unicycle is a very good option if you are looking for a fast, electric bike. It can reach speeds of over 40 mph and has a range of 150km. It also has a multi-function touchscreen and a front and rear light for safety. It can be used for both urban and off-roading, and comes with a variety of customisation options.

The V12HT features a powerful 2.8 KW engine. The battery also has a higher water resistance rating. The V12 is protected from low-pressure water jets and the batteries can survive high pressure streams from any angle. However, most distributors will not cover any damage caused by water, despite the fact that it is rated as water resistant.

Inmotion V11

The Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle is a game-changing way to ride. Built specifically for trail hunters, this unicycle will revolutionize the way you ride. This bike has been designed for a fun, exciting, and safe riding experience. With its sleek and modern design, the Inmotion V11 is the perfect companion for your next adventure.

The Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle boasts a 2000 watt motor that allows for a top speed of 31 miles per hour. The 1500 watt battery gives it a range of 75 miles on a single charge. It’s also water and dust resistant with an IP44 dust and water resistance rating. This makes it ideal for long distance commutes and off-road trails.

Inmotion X2

The Inmotion X2 Electric Unicycle is a fun and easy way to get around town. It has an adjustable air spring pedal suspension for a comfortable ride and a wide 18×3” tire that increases contact with the road. It is especially suitable for professional riders, as it comes with a powerful 2200W motor that offers climbing power up to 35 degrees. It can cover a distance of 75 miles on a single charge.

This model comes with a variety of accessories, including a carbon protective shell and two sets of power lean pads. The price also includes shipping to the UK. The seller says the unit is in good condition, but it has traveled around 150 miles since being new. The bike has minor scratches and a crack in the main shell.

Inmotion X3

When choosing an electric unicycle, you must consider the features you need and what you are willing to spend. An electric unicycle should be durable and able to perform your tasks without problems. It should also be easy to maintain and clean. It should also be safe to ride. Here are a few features to look for in an electric unicycle.

InMotion’s ELECTRIC UNICYCLES are easy to maneuver, lightweight, and compact. It has a patent pending gearless system that enables smooth turns and balance. The unicycle’s foot room is also generous. Its intelligent safety tilt back and built-in audio warnings will keep you safe and comfortable while riding.

Inmotion X4

InMotion’s X4 Electric Unicycle is a great option for anyone who’s looking for a safe, reliable and comfortable transportation option. It features a high-performance 2800-watt motor and a powerful, 1750-watt-hour battery. The unit can cover 60 miles on a single charge, and the unit has an IP55-rated water-resistant frame and cooling system.

Another feature of this electric unicycle is air-spring pedal suspension. The air-spring suspension offers a smooth ride on and off road. The 2200-watt motor provides enough power to accelerate to 31-34 mph.

Inmotion X5

The Inmotion X5 Electric Unicycle is suitable for both young and old. It comes with many useful features, which will make riding the electric unicycle an enjoyable experience. One of these features is its large size, which is ideal for both toddlers and older kids. With its IPX5 water resistance rating, it can survive low and high pressure water jets from all directions.

Another useful feature is the adjustable suspension system. This feature helps you maintain the right balance in any riding situation. Its built-in air-spring pedal suspension system provides you with 3.3 inches of vertical travel. It also features an 18-inch by 3-inch tire for greater stability. It can be used on pavement or unpaved surfaces. This electric unicycle can handle different terrains, from city parks to urban environments.

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