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Dolphin Emulator Games

Dolphin Emulator Games – Looking for games that run on Dolphin Emulator? Lets first understand what a Dolphin Emulator is. It is a powerful emulator basically for two Nintendo video game consoles: the Wii & the GameCube.

It helps gamers to play in full HD (1080p) with a few enhancements. It is compatible with all PC controllers, networked multiplayer, and turbo speed. It is suggested that you use a GameCube gamepad or at least a gamepad with joysticks.

Dolphin Emulator Games

Dolphin Emulator Games

Here’s a list of few games for GameCube emulator –

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
  2. Mario Kart Double Dash
  3. Metroid Prime
  4. Animal Crossing
  5. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
  6. Super Mario Sunshine
  7. Luigi’s Mansion
  8. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  9. Resident Evil 4
  10. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Dolphin Emulator was developed as a closed source in 2003. It was later released as an open-source in 2008under the GPLv2 license. It was further relicensed to GPLv2+ according to which one can use Dolphin Emulator its source code for any purpose.

System Requirements

  • Fast CPU with SSE2.
  • Linux, MacOSX Intel, Windows XP or higher
  • GPU with Pixel Shader 2.0 or greater

Note: Not all integrated graphics chips work.

Hardware Requirements

It is recommended that gamers use Windows operating system. However, Unix systems may also work fine but are not officially supported. A 64-bit Operating system is needed for a smooth run. It also runs on Android 5.0 64-bit Android devices. Since the Android version is still at the alpha stage, it may not work as perfectly as it does on a PC. It is a dual-core application that relies upon IPC (Instructions Per Clock) and a high clock rate for performance.

How to check if your operating system is compatible with 64-bit applications

Step 1: Start Menu, right-click on Computer.

Step 2: Select the Properties option.

Step 3:A window will appear showing “64-bit operating system”.

You are suggested to upgrade to a 64-bit version if you are running a 32-bit operating system.

How to check if your Android phone has the requirements

Run the APK, and Dolphin will notify you.

RAM Requirement

It is recommended to use 2GB. However, the speed of RAM usually does not affect the emulation speed.

Latest Version of Dolphin Emulator


It is recommended that you download the latest version to start with. The latest version is well tested and has gained a good response. It works perfectly with a lot of games.

Configuration issues

Laptops and modern GPUs use various techniques like reducing voltages, using integrated instead of discrete graphics, underclocking, etc. to reduce their power consumption and overall temperature. Many times these tricks block Dolphin Emulator, and your system needs a little help to use its full potential.

Ensure that you configure the emulated GameCube port 2 as a Standard Controller in the GameCube tab of the main configuration window. In case it does not work, check that your game can use a second GameCube controller.

How to use PS3 or PS4 wireless controller with Dolphin?


Install the ScpToolkit driver package for your Windows operating system to recognize your controller as a Bluetooth device. This can now be used in the Dolphin GCPad and Emulated Wiimote configuration.

How to solve the audio stuttering issue?

To solve the audio stuttering issue, let’s first understand how does the issue persist. Many times when you run a game, you run into occasions where Dolphin Emulator is unable to run full-speed. This happens when the emulated console is not running full-speed and does not deliver output as much audio as Dolphin needs. It ends up giving gaps in the audio, which is called audio stuttering.

Audio stuttering is not an audio issue, but a performance issue. It can be avoided by running Dolphin full-speed. Time-stretched audio will “stretch” the current output audio over the gaps. This will help the game to sound more natural.

Dolphin speeds up the issue


Dolphin’s prime job is to run games faster. However, some games need more accurate and advanced settings to run perfectly. Most of the games have this setting preconfigured in the “GameINI”, a file.

Open the graphics menu. This will override the GameINI default settings. If you are playing a game that needs advanced settings, then you can open the graphics menu to disable those settings and result in a speedup.


We tried all possible games with Dolphin Emulator, and most of them run perfectly with minute errors. It works fine with all the operating systems.

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