Dolphin (emulator) – Dolphin Emulator 5.0–14866 on Windows 10

Dolphin (emulator) – For the sake of this article, we’ll be running Dolphin development version 5.0–14866 on Windows 10. Please check out our tutorial on how to install Dolphin on Ubuntu if you’re using this platform.

It’s worth mentioning that the version will have changed in a matter of hours due to the increased speed at which Dolphin is being developed these days, with new development versions being issued almost every day.

For individuals who don’t like such frequent updates, the beta version is a better option. At all costs, avoid the steady branch. It’s possible that years may elapse between updates, denying you access to the most up-to-date functionality.


Here, you can discover all of Dolphin’s releases. Extract the 7Z package to a new folder on your PC, and you’re done.

The folder you extracted is where you’ll find Dolphin as it doesn’t come with an installation. A separate partition or hard disc drive may be the best place to save all of your gaming-related files. Creating a shortcut for Dolphin’s executable on your desktop may help you avoid having to visit this folder every time you want to use it.

“Dolphin.exe” is the executable file in Dolphin’s subfolder.


By selecting “File->Boot from DVD Backup” and selecting the disc containing your game disc, you may boot your games straight. If you’re looking for original GameCube and Wii discs, you’re out of luck. Many PC DVD drives don’t work with these discs at all.

However, discs are a thing of the past, and today’s gamers save their game backups as digital files on their computer’s hard drive. ELF, dol, gcr, iso, tgc/wbfs, wbfs/ciso/gcz/wia/rvz/wad/dff/m3u are all supported formats for GameCube and Wii backups. “File -> Open” is all that is required to load games in any of these formats. Alternatively, you may just drag & drop files into Dolphin’s window from your preferred file manager.

Every time you load a game, Dolphin will remember it and add it to its database. Add all of your games at once so that they’re easily accessible from Dolphin’s games list if your collection is very large. To do so, go to “Config,” choose “Paths,” and click “Add…,” then select the location of your backups.

Double-clicking on a game’s entry in Dolphin’s game list or selecting it and pressing the Play button will launch it.


There are a number of settings in Dolphin that may be tweaked in order to get the most out of your gaming experience. Config, graphics, and controllers buttons in the main toolbar of Dolphin provide rapid access to these options. The most essential places that need your time and attention are listed here.

In addition, a list of known compatibility concerns is constantly updated. For the most part, games with four and five stars are free of bugs, but even those with three and two-star ratings might have issues.

Answers to Common Questions

Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles are all emulated by Dolphin.

GameCube and Wii.

Is Dolphin compatible with every game on every platform?

There are more than 96% of games that Dolphin claims are playable or ideal for a given platform. However, the Dolphin emulator does not support all games.

Are the Stable and Development versions equivalent?

When it comes to bug fixes, there aren’t many stable releases. Despite the fact that development releases may be released as often as once a week, they generally include more bugs. Switch to a Stable version if Development versions don’t work for you.

There may be further information that I should be aware of

The Dolphin emulator has a number of pre-requisites, including:

  • Windows 64-bit (best performance), Mac OS X, Linux, or Android (Android still has troubles and doesn’t run as well as the others) 64-bit OS
  • 2 GB of RAM is the minimum need.
  • A CPU with four cores is ideal.
  • OpenGL 4.4 and DirectX 11.1 should be supported by GPUs six years old or newer (newer and more powerful is always best overall)
  • When playing a game, what is it that I’m doing incorrectly?
  • There are going to be some hiccups using the Dolphin emulator. See whether your problem has previously been reported and if a repair is already in place (upgrading the emulator may be required) or if a fix is waiting in the Issues list.

Dolphin does not come with any games pre-installed

No. There’s nothing more than an imitation to be found here. It is necessary to buy each of the games separately.

For each game, what are the recommended settings?

Even while the default settings for most games in the Configuration portion of this page function well on the Dolphin emulator, there are a few exceptions.

The compatibility listings on the Dolphin Wiki help you identify the best emulator settings for each platform and game. It’s always best to check out the wiki first if you’re experiencing problems with one of your games.

For most Gamecube and Wii games, this is all you need to know in order to use the Dolphin emulator to play them on your PC. Make sure you check out our guides on how to emulate the SNES and N64 games on Retroarch if you like.

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