Betty Broderick And Where She Is Now

Betty Broderick

Betty Broderick is a name that many people know. She was convicted of killing her ex-husband and his new wife in their sleep back in the early 1990s.

The case was highly publicized and Betty became a household name. Since her release from prison, Betty has kept a low profile.

But where is she now? In this blog post, we will explore Betty Broderick’s current whereabouts and what she has been up to since her release from more about nia long networth and career

Betty Broderick’s Early Life

Betty Broderick was born in 1947 in Long Island, New York. She was the oldest of four children. Her father was a successful doctor and her mother was a stay-at-home mom.

Betty attended an all-girls Catholic high school. She then went on to study at the College of New Rochelle, where she met her future husband, Kevin Broderick. The couple married in 1969 and had four children together.

Betty’s early life seemed idyllic, but it eventually became clear that all was not well in her marriage. Kevin began having affairs and Betty became increasingly isolated and depressed. In 1985, Betty caught Kevin in bed with another woman and filed for divorce.

The divorce proceedings were lengthy and acrimonious, with Kevin painting Betty as an unstable person who was unfit to care for their children.

In November 1989, Betty snapped. She snuck into Kevin’s house and shot him dead as he slept. She then turned the gun on his girlfriend, Linda Kolkena, killing her as well. Betty claimed that she had been driven to murder by years of emotional abuse from Kevin. She was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 32 years to life in prison.

Betty Broderick is now 73 years old and serving her sentence at the California Institution for Women in Corona, California. She will be eligible for parole in 2032, when she will be 85 years old.

Betty Broderick’s Marriage

Betty Broderick’s marriage began to unravel in the late 1970s. By the time Betty discovered that her husband was having an affair with his legal secretary, their marriage was all but over.

In the early 1980s, Betty and her husband divorced. The divorce was acrimonious, and Betty was awarded custody of their four children. She quickly remarried, but her second marriage also ended in divorce.

In 1989, Betty’s ex-husband was killed by his new wife. Betty was charged with murder, but she was acquitted at trial.

Today, Betty is in her early 70s and living in San Diego. She has been married three times and has eight children.

The Divorce

The divorce between Betty Broderick and her husband, Dan, was one of the most high-profile divorces in the 1980s. The couple had been married for 16 years and had four children together when Betty filed for divorce in 1985. The divorce proceedings were acrimonious, with both sides accusing the other of infidelity and financial mismanagement.

The divorce was finalized in 1987, with Betty receiving custody of the couple’s two youngest children and a generous financial settlement. However, the settlement did not come close to covering Betty’s legal fees, which totaled more than $1 million.

Betty struggled to make ends meet after the divorce, and her relationship with her children suffered as a result. In 1989, she was arrested for trespassing at her ex-husband’s home after she refused to leave when he asked her to. She was also arrested several times for driving under the influence of alcohol.

In 1992, Betty finally got back on track financially when she won a $10 million lottery jackpot. She used some of the money to pay off her debts and reinvested the rest in real estate.

Since then, Betty has largely stayed out of the public eye. In recent years, she has made occasional appearances at events related to domestic violence awareness or gambling addiction prevention.

The murders

The murders of Betty Broderick occurred on November 5, 1989. Betty shot and killed her ex-husband, Daniel Broderick III, and his new wife Linda Kolkena Broderick while they slept in their bed.

Betty had divorced Daniel in 1985 after he had an affair with his legal secretary, which resulted in the breakdown of their marriage. The divorce was acrimonious, and Betty was awarded only $1,000 per month in alimony, despite her husband having an income of $30,000 per month. This greatly angered Betty, who felt that she had been cheated by the divorce settlement.

In the years following the divorce, Betty became increasingly obsessed with Daniel and began to stalk him and his new wife. On the night of the murders, she entered their home through an unlocked door and shot both victims multiple times with a handgun. She then called 911 to report the crime and surrendered to police when they arrived at the scene.

Betty was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to 32 years to life in prison. She has been denied parole several times and is currently serving her sentence at the California Institution for Women in Corona.

Betty Broderick’s Imprisonment

In 1991, Betty Broderick was convicted of the second-degree murder of her ex-husband, Daniel Broderick III, and his new wife, Linda Kolkena. She was sentenced to 32 years to life in prison and is currently incarcerated at the California Institution for Women in Corona, California.

Betty has maintained her innocence throughout her imprisonment, and her case has been the subject of much media attention. In 2016, a documentary about her case titled “The Betty Broderick Murders” was released, which renewed interest in her story.

Betty’s parole hearing is scheduled for 2022, at which time she will be eligible for release. Her supporters are hopeful that she will be exonerated and freed from prison after more than 30 years.

Betty Broderick Today

Betty Broderick is now 73 years old and resides in a jail cell at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, California. She is serving a 32 year to life sentence for the 1989 murders of her ex-husband, Daniel Broderick III, and his new wife, Linda Kolkena.

Since her incarceration, Betty has been anything but a model prisoner. She has been cited for various infractions including battery, assault, making weapons, and being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In 1992, she was caught with a bottle of vodka hidden in her bra and was sentenced to 60 days in solitary confinement.

In 2003, she was involved in a fight with another inmate and ended up getting 30 days in solitary. Then in 2008, she was caught with prescription drugs that were not prescribed to her and spent 23 days in solitary as punishment.

Betty’s most recent infraction occurred in 2015 when she refused to take a drug test. As a result, she was placed in “disciplinary housing” which is basically solitary confinement. She remained there for two years until she finally agreed to take the drug test.

Despite her tumultuous time behind bars, Betty has managed to stay somewhat active. In 1992, she started taking college classes and earned an Associate’s Degree in Social Sciences from Merced College in 1997. She also became a certified paralegal while incarcerated and has worked as one for

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