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Books are the magical portal to another world. They take you to places you never even thought existed in the first place. Of course, not everyone can afford to travel, be it to the real world or the fictional one. But not anymore! Now you can travel as far as you want and that too without spending a single penny. Sounds too good, right? 

With some of the greatest digital libraries and websites available online, you can download as many eBooks as you want, and that too for free. 

Of course, the due credit goes entirely to the technology of the internet that has made this possible for every book lover out there to finally get their hands on all the books on their TBR (to be read). If you are not experiencing the internet the way we are, then you should switch to reliable providers like Spectrum ®. It makes sure that you get superfast speed and unlimited data so that you can download as many books as you want, without running out of bandwidth. Moreover, Spectrum español ofertas include secure connectivity, which means you don’t have to worry about viruses infecting your devices upon downloading files from different websites. 

Digital libraries and websites are also one of the best ways for you to save the planet and save trees by keeping them green. Similarly, by doing so, no paper will go to waste either. 

So, shop smarter now and check out the sites given below. 

Be it online reading or offline, Project Gutenberg should be your go-to site. It allows you to download countless free eBooks with no registration fee required. You can also redistribute the eBooks and there will be no fee charged for it. 

Project Gutenberg proudly houses around 60,000 free eBooks from the public domain. Essentially it is a charity project that gets funded through volunteers and fundraisers. Project Gutenberg aims to provide all book lovers with eBooks of top-notch quality. 

You can download the books in EPUB and MOBI formats, however, the online version can also be found of certain books. 

Project Gutenberg is surely one of the most famous, and the oldest online library that caters to readers of all kinds. whether it is fictional or non-fictional, you can get your hands on all types of genres. 

  • Library Genesis

Library Genesis continues to be a fan-favorite every year due to its impressive collection of books, journals, magazines, comics, and articles. You would be surprised to know that it hosts more than 60 million articles, which blows our minds. 

You can find both – fictional and non-fictional – pieces on this website. Additionally, it also has a massive collection of books of different genres. There is, however, one thing you might want to give a thought to; Library Genesis has been questioned several times since 2015 because allegedly it gives access to pirated copies of books. But it is still up for debate. 

Apart from all of this, you can also easily find college textbooks on Library Genesis. So, don’t waste your money and start going thrifty, especially when you can get your hands easily on the treasure of books free of cost. 

  • Google eBookstore

Get access to free books from all over the hundred by simply using Google eBookstore. 

The site is super useful since it provides you with an incredible collection of all the bestsellers; classics and contemporary bestsellers. It gives you a complete list of all the available free eBooks. You can check out the blurb of each book before you decide to read it online or offline. 

In addition to this, you can also opt for the feature that enables you to read a sample of any book so you would be able to decide if you want to go ahead with the complete reading of this particular book or not. 

Moreover, Google eBookstore lets you read books from renowned and lesser-known authors. Apart from online reading, you can export the books and read them later. Don’t worry, the downloaded books can easily be accessed through the Google Play Books account. 

  • PDFBooksWorld

Not everyone likes to read books in EPUB or MOBI formats. Sometimes people like to go old-school and read their favorites in PDF format. If you have been struggling to find a good website that lets you read books for free in PDF format, then you are at the right place. 

Although it offers a smaller collection than the major other platforms (digital libraries), PDFBooksWorld still manages to bring you a decent number of titles that are super easy to download and quite convenient as well. 

Literary classics like Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby, Les Miserables, Treasure Island, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and many more. 

The major genres include; fiction, non-fiction, novels, academic & text, Juvenile fiction, and juvenile non-fiction. They further divided into several other sub-genres, encompassing all the imaginable ones. 

Final Words

The internet is a bottomless place with uncountable titles. These eBooks are enough to keep you busy for as long as you can think of. But it could sometimes get difficult to find a platform that offers limitless downloads and that too for free. Therefore, we highly suggest you take a look at the sites and digital libraries we have mentioned in this article. 

Trust us, these platforms have something for every reader. So, don’t wait any longer and transport to another world right from today!


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