Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android, PC, Windows, Mac

Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android, PC, Windows, Mac

Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android, PC, Windows, Mac – Premium Pokémon games from Nintendo DS that bind you to your memory. Pokémon is why I want a DS PC simulator from Nintendo.

You could have other explanations, naturally, like Mario, The Zelda Legacy, Metroid Prime Hunters, etc.

Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android, PC, Windows, Mac

Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android, PC, Windows, Mac

Whatever the cause, let’s continue without any further ado:

1. DeSmuMe

The name might be a little odd, and the spelling might be even worse. But DeSmuMe is actually one of the best PC DS emulators. First of all, the main feature is that, due to open source, the simulator changes continuously.

On Windows and Mac, DeSmuMe is open. However, I face a frame drops in my MacBook Air (2017 edition), when it is up to the highest graphics. Nintendo DS gaming works on both platforms. The result depends largely on your PC setup.

The silver flap here, however, is tons of graphical and emulation configuration. Additional functions like cheat code manager and USB controller support are also available. The NDS emulator also provides the save slot feature to continue the game you left from.


Windows and Mac.

Why Use DeSmuMe?

  • Nightly release also develops.
  • Full reliability.

2. MelonDS

MelonDS always succeeds in creating the best Nintendo DS emulators for the PC. It was often compared to the dominant DeSmuMe NDS emulator.

In contrast to DeSmuMe, this PC emulator lacks many emulation and graphics options but is superior in some areas, including highly precise DS game rendering.

The Nintendo DS simulator helps you to capture high resolutions even with medium-performance devices with its revolutionary OpenGL rendering. So MelonDS is the perfect fit when you want to play Pokémon games on a Mac.

The nearby Wi-Fi connectivity for playing multiplayer games is also a feature of MelonDS. Although it is new and operates with just a few titles, it is a great pleasure to see it work. In addition, there is a door, panel configurations and joystick support — popular for other PC NDS emulators.


Windows and Linux.

Why use MelonDS?

  • Increased performance at resolutions.
  • Strong accuracy.


While NO$GBA is still strong in best Nintendo DS emulators for PC, it has begun Gameboy advance games. First of all, a bonus with this DS emulation is that GBA, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite (DSi) titles are enabled.

The DS simulator only has a range of graphical options. But with a little tweak in the parameters, good game graphics like DeSmuMe can be accessed. However, the compromised Nintendo DS emulator works very quickly, even with under-functioning PCs. The solution is very simple. Secondly, compared with other best NDS emulators, very little machine resources are needed here.

The issue is however the lack of functionality in the interface style. However, the alternative multiplayer is new. And only on Windows the simulator is open. Besides, the joystick help and the state save option are offered. In-house cheat code help for NO$GBA too.



Why use No$GBA?

  • Weak endurance and fast velocity.
  • GBA supports DSi sports in Nintendo.

4. RetroArch

Sadly, RetroArch is an all-in – one emulator which allows users to play games on almost all retro consoles, and not on other Nintendo DS emulators here. The aim is to combine many (aka cores) emulators into one program.

RetroArch provides DeSmuMe and MelonDS with NDS titles for our emulation. You will run games from all Nintendo (NES, SNES, DS, DSi, 3DS, 64), Atari, MAME and many more as an all one-in – one emulator.

The user interface can be frustrating first of all, but it will become much easier after some time. Nonetheless, running games here are relatively difficult, unlike other Nintendo DS emulators.

Furthermore, all important graphics and emulation options are provided. You lift the native resolution to 4 K and use shaders to dramatically change the look of the titles. Evolution.

Why use RetroArch?

  • Emulator all-in-one.
  • Many games preloaded.


All platforms.

5. OpenEmu

OpenEmu is yet another front-end emulation program. In terms of the compatible devices and emulation choices, this PC emulator is no different from RetroArch.

Nonetheless, the remarkably simplified user interface of OpenEmu varies from all other emulators. The GUI reminds you of iTunes if you are a Mac user. The emulator for example shows games box art and sort it by platform. For example. OpenEmu comes with DeSmuMe emulation to support Nintendo DS games.

A number of users can suffer from the lack of several graphical settings. I also saw no choice in my research to improve internal resolution. Everything else, including device interface choices, saving states, cheat code help, etc., is almost there. Nintendo simulator. The device software covers DualShock, Switch Pro, Wiimote and more.



Why use OpenEmu?

  • Ux. All-in – one simulator.
  • Streamlined GUI.
  • DS Emulation Reward Games.

6. Citra Emulator

Citra is without a doubt the best emulation of the 3DS Nintendo to battle Pokémon on a Mac. You can still run multiple 3DS titles with high resolution graphics and even with a mediocre system.

The Nintendo 3DS simulator enables users to make up to four kilometres of internal resolutions that take Pokémon games and Zelda’s Legend of a completely new region. In terms of games, the Official website of Citra has a segment where you can show Nintendo 3DS game compatibility with the PC simulator.

Back to the software — support is available for the joystick, screen layout and cheat code. An in-house screen recorder is available in the Nintendo emulator. Citra emulates local 3DS wireless internet. In other words, you can play multiplayer on the emulator with other people.


Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Why use Citra?

  • Aid for online.
  • External settlement 10x.

7. DraStic DS Emulator

It’s natural that people are keen on playing Nintendo DS on Ios, because Nintendo DS was the handheld gaming system. And so far, no stronger DS emulator than DraStic has been available on Android.

As the dimensions of the smartphone’s screen differ greatly from the double-screen Nintendo DS, this app offers six separate interface choices. Apart from the standard view, there is a stacked view, a single view, and an option for retaining one image shorter than the other.

Why to use DraStic?

  • Google Drive online data saving room.
  • Increased pace of emulation.


Similarly, emulators for PC are not illegal, but downloading and playing games on the same emulator is illegal. Although, there have been different viewpoints on the subject. (Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android)

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