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Best NDS Emulator

Best NDS Emulator – NDS Emulator is a new version of Nintendo DS emulators. The NDS Emulator has all of the basic features such as external and internal support and saves states, load states, as well as customizable on-screen gamepads.

The NDS Emulators has the best features regarding to screens and also it has dual screen feature also.

Best NDS Emulator

Best NDS Emulator

The Nintendo DS Emulator is the most recent version of the handheld system which is developed by Nintendo. In the latest edition known as DS and Lite Emulator was released in public in 2006.

The name Lite refers to DS Lite Emulator having high resolutions screens, adjustable size as well as lower weight, DS Lite Emulator also has the similar features as the actual NDS Emulator.

About NDS Emulator


NDS Emulator played most of the games that tried during testing by professionals.

The platform of the NDS Emulator is Android and the Publisher of NDS Emulator is Super Classic Emulator.

The Nintendo DS Emulator is a specific program or application which goes with Nintendo DS game in other platforms such as Android, Windows as well as iOS. Also, there are many Nintendo DS Emulators are available for Android.

The best examples of NDS Emulators are MelonDS, OpenEmu, Citra, DraStic DS Emulator, etc.

Specifications of NDS Emulator

There are different specifications for different types of Emulators.

The screen is touch screen and size is lower. The communication system is wireless that is IEEE802.11 as well as Nintendo’s proprietary format.

In NDS Emulator multiple users can able to play multiple games by using one DS game card.

The inputs, as well as the output port of the NDS Emulator both, are Nintendo DS game cards and GBA packs as well as the terminals for stereo headphones and microphones.

The controls of the NDS Emulator are, NDS Emulator is the touch screen, for voice reorganization NDS Emulator has embedded microphone. The start and select buttons, then plus control pads as well as face buttons that are A/B/X/Y and Left and Right shoulder buttons also.

NDS Emulator is capable to display the 260000 colors. The CPU processor of the NDS Emulator is ONE ARM9 and the other one is ARM7.

The battery of the NDS Emulator is delivering a maximum of 6 to 10 hours of play. It is depending on the use or power-saving mode.

The languages are used in NDS Emulator are English, Japanese, Spanish, French and Italian. The NDS Emulator is available in various colors and sometimes it depends on the region.

The accessories of Nintendo DS Emulator are Rumble Pak, Headset, Browser, WI FI USB Connector, MP 3 player as well as Guitar grip controller, etc.

The Installation Process of Nintendo DS Emulator


To install the Nintendo DS Emulator on your pc or other devices you need to do specifics steps and it will take time for 3 to 5 minutes.

First, go to your desktops web browsers and type http://desmume.org, this website is for downloads the Nintendo DS Emulator for the window as well as Linux and macOS and it is free to the open-source emulator.

Then download the Nintendo DS Emulator zip file and saved it into the newly created folder. Then extract the file and the launcher will be named the version. Then give the launcher administrative privileges to install.

After that click on the launcher and the launcher will start the emulator. For that, you will need ROM you can just download it from Google.

After that configure the settings on your desktops and then you will able to use the Nintendo DS Emulator.

The games available on Nintendo DS Emulator are Metroid Prime Hunters, Feel the magic, Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario 64 DS, The Urbz and many more.

The Drastic DS Emulator is one of the best Emulator and it is very fast as well as an amazing DS Emulator. The Drastic DS Emulator is one of the top emulators for Android.

Features of Nintendo DS Emulator

The first feature of the Nintendo DS Emulator is Download play with the help of Download Play, user can able to play multiplayer games with the others Nintendo DS Emulator systems, there are only certain games are supported by this features.

The other feature of the Nintendo DS Emulator is the multi-card play. The Multi-card play is as much similar to download play. The multi-card give ability to users to play games and users can play with games with different another Nintendo DS Emulators.

There is a picto chat communication feature also available in Nintendo DS Emulator this allows users to communicate with the other Nintendo DS Emulator users within the local wireless range.

With the help of picto chat feature users can also send a message using the screen keyboard and the user can send the handwritten message as well as draw pictures.

In Nintendo DS Emulator there are 4 chat rooms and a maximum of 16 people can connect in any one room.

Advantages of Nintendo DS Emulator


There are different advantages and benefits of the Nintendo DS Emulator.

The Nintendo DS Emulator is one of the best and efficient Emulator for Android operating system.

The Nintendo DS Emulator allows users to play games without any interruptions on their devices.

The Nintendo DS Emulator allows users to play desired games through the landscapes as well as portrait mode.

The biggest advantage of the Nintendo DS Emulator is it provides the chat features while gaming and at a time a maximum of 16 peoples can communicate with each other.

If in case of user need to quit the game then they can save the game and left out easily. And they can start a game where they have stopped on the device.

The Nintendo DS Emulator can simply save on the user’s Google drive.


With the help of this information, the user got to know the Nintendo DS Emulator as well as they can install the Nintendo DS Emulator on their system and users can get the information about features and specifications. (Best NDS Emulator)

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