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Best Android Emulator Windows 10

Best Android Emulator Windows 10 – In the world full of gaming and mobile apps for gaming, most of the developers are interested in setting up their android app test environment and installs android in windows 10.

Hence in this article, we have shortlisted some of the best android emulators for windows 10.

Best Android Emulator Windows 10

Best Android Emulator Windows 10

Android is widely present and freely available for all mobile users. However, getting the android operating system installed on your computer is a very time-consuming task. Finding good emulators from the bad ones is a tricky task since there are numerous android emulators out there in the market, free for access.

Here is the list of some of the best emulators which are capable of connecting with windows 10:

Nox player:

This is an android emulator that comes free to be installed over a windows 10 OS. It is very stable, and it has several features which can be helpful for you.

It provides a wide range of variety of options available in it. We can use the mobile CPU and RAM processing capacity to achieve the desired hardware specifications setup exceptionally.

By using this emulator, many android users are well eligible to work with no player with root access.



It is one of the emulators which are preferred by many people. It is the best option for entrepreneurs who are engaged in developing apps within windows 10 OS. It is easy to install.

It presents with a swift UI design that is intuitive for user access from desktop and laptop systems. There are many advantages you can experience from this emulator, like you can get access to a full android environment that can help the operating system.

There are many gamers attracted to blue stacks emulator for its bunch of features. It is powerful for the usage of androids. It builds the most demanding gaming content for monetization purposes.


It is one of the best emulators available on the market, and it works well for its users. It is a reliable android emulator that provides a stable experience for the user at any given time.

It is packed with a bunch of features that often strives to become the android emulator. It can be best utilized by developers and gamers for making the desired emulator. It is worth to use the emulator as it provides many features.

For instant permits, phones need to use remote controls; if phones are not available, then the same can be done by using the PlayStation controller. It requires less time for testing and debugging.

It enables Android app developers to build the already planned android OS. It can be programmed by virtual machine settings and then reconfigure the capacity of CPU and RAM.

Phoenix OS:


It came after the renowned remix OS emulator that has a long period only till its update. It fills the gap for efficient alternative and thus acts towards a reinvented android environment for windows 10 OS.

This emulator is far better than others. It is also reviewed by cannon and proud to be a better companion.


This is also one of the best and fast emulators for android windows 10 OS. It builds with plenty of features that can be easily installed on computers. It can be operated by using keyboard mapping.

It is a fast-running APK installation, and it provides many features that make it good than others. It can even run multiple instances in the same period and then completes the app testing accurately.

It is easily available to install. It has a quick app installation and runs different instances under multiple configuration settings for RAM and CPU. This ensures the performance of the emulator.

By using this emulator, we can run android games at 4k RAM and enjoy the picture that is 4k monitor resolution.



It is an android development tool, and it is very useful for windows 10 OS. It works for various platforms, and it provides many features. It comes with a bunch of the same features as another emulator.

It is equipped with many functions like plugin and tool etc. It is easy to install and easily available. This emulator provides genuine functions for android developers for testing their apps.

We can also access this emulator from the android studio and then restore some of the faulty or lagging apps well. There are many benefits if you are looking for the best emulator around you.



This is one of the older versions of android developer emulators for PC. It has been around for a lo9ng time of span, and it was popular for its features. The last update of this version of the emulator was in 2016.

It is easily available if you want to use this emulator for android app testing. Nobody experiences major issues with this emulator during use, and it also does not have any specific features, but it serves the best service.


This is also free to use the emulator, and it comes with a bunch of helpful features. It is quite similar to the android studio, but the only difference is that it can plug into things like Microsoft visual studio for the even larger development environment.

Remix OS player:

this it also comes with many features like other emulators. It can run an android marshmallow and still relatively compared to many others on the list. It comes with easy installation.

It is quite a clean emulator, so it’s still perfectly usable as a productivity tool. This is not recommended as compared to others, but still, it can be used when it comes to good for nothing emulator.

In this list, we have covered a few of the best simulators so that it will be easy to choose the right one for your windows 10. It is capable of doing work with multiple performances. These all are qualified emulators.


By observing all these emulators, it is concluded that plenty of emulators are available for use. So it is important to choose the best one if you are an android developer. It is important for app testing. (Best Android Emulator Windows 10)

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