Anyone can Run a Background Check Using New Face Search Engine FaceCheck

Sentient Labs launches a social media search website FaceCheck.ID. The site lets users to search blogs, videos, news, and social media using a photo of a face. The portal is made to be used by the general public to check anyone’s internet footprint.

With a quick facial search, users can compare their first date’s image against millions of photographs of suspects who have been featured on TV, traffickers, rapists, registered sex offenders, gang members, criminals, and love scammers.

FaceCheck can help influencers find websites and profiles that use their stolen pics. FaceCheck social media search engine can be used as a background check tool to check on someone new, find impersonators and phony identities, or find LinkedIn profiles of lost friends.

“We hope that FaceCheck will allow people to make safer choices when meeting someone new or doing business with someone new on the Internet, as the world is getting increasingly dangerous every day.” FaceCheck Staff

FaceCheck.ID Reverse Image Search can Help You


  • Discover if a person is a registered offender
  • Discover if someone is trying to scam you
  • Uncover if a person has been in jail
  • Find Instagram pages of lost friends
  • Find out if a person is pretending to be someone else
  • Discover if a person is a conman
  • Do due diligence on your new business partner
  • Learn if someone is an online dating scammer


The site allows anyone to easily delete their own pictures from the search engine free of charge, respecting their privacy. FaceCheck is not accessible in EU countries to comply with the data protection rules.

FaceCheck’s technology uses face recognition to recognize faces in various conditions, expressions and angles and is able to recognize faces covered by hats, masks, sunglasses, or beards.

Sentient Labs wants to make FaceCheck the best site for social media search and the go-to portal for personal background checks in preventing romance scams and catfishing and become the first step safety check when meeting a new person on the Internet.

Facial Recognition vs Biometric Search

Biometric search and face recognition are technologies for matching persons of interest online. Both have cons and pros, but which one fits better for what you want to do?

Face Recognition Technology

Facial recognition is a method of matching a person from a digital image or video. It works by comparing images of faces with photos of known people and can find a person even if they wear hats, sunglasses, or masks.

Biometric Search

Biometric search is an algorithm of finding persons of interest based on their measurements, such as distances between eyes, mouth, iris, nose, and fingerprint. Often it can be used to search for people who are wanted by the police or have been taken to custody.

Both biometric search and facial recognition have their cons and pros. Face recognition is much more common online than biometric search, but it could be sometimes fooled by things like beards, hats, sunglasses, and masks. Biometric technology is more accurate than facial recognition and is less likely to be fooled by variations in a person’s visual looks.

FaceCheck Doesn’t Use Biometric Search

FaceCheck uses advanced face recognition technology, it does not collect any biometric data or use biometric algorithms.

Met Someone New? Check Out Reverse Image Face Search Site FaceCheck

Engineers at FaceCheck used deep learning to train facial recognition neural model to achieve better-than-human accuracy. As this technology becomes mainstream, we will see more practical applications for facial recognition AI. For more details go to http://FaceCheck.ID

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