Why Practice Tests Are a Must for Certbolt GRE Takers?

Nowadays, most people are drawn to pursuing higher education to specialize and acquire even more knowledge in a certain field. Getting advanced degrees is also a particular asset for attracting new opportunities. Truly, learning is a life-long process. 

With that, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Test is your gateway towards a master’s or doctoral degree program in different universities. And the best tip in preparing for it is simply familiarizing yourself with the sections and details and practising a lot. In this case, you will be more likely to enhance your test-taking strategies and succeed. So, let’s know more about what knowledge and skills are assessed during Certbolt GRE and see how practice tests play a great role.

Challenging Verbal Reasoning Section 

Your ability to analyze and infer conclusions from passages is tested in this GRE Practice Test Exam section. Aside from that, you are also assessed with your ability to understand literal and figurative meanings as well as the author’s intent. The in-depth list of vocabulary makes it even more challenging as you try to determine the meaning and relationships of certain words and concepts. 

Quick tip 

You can train to answer questions in the verbal reasoning section through practice tests. This helps familiarize yourself in analyzing complex verbal skills. For instance, in lengthy passages, you can practice fast reading so as not to waste so much time on it. Another tip is to read the questions ahead before the passages so that you’ll know what you’re looking for. For the vocabulary, you can create flashcards from the words and then search for their meaning and prepare for analogies that may be asked.

Tricky Quantitative Reasoning Questions

Although the quantitative section involves only basic math concepts like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis, it gets tricky with how it is being asked in the question. As always, quantitative reasoning requires you to have strong logic and analytical skills to be able to solve mathematical problems and come up with a solution.

Quick tip 

Exam-Labs GRE Practice Test help you refresh and improve your basic mathematical understanding and skills. There is no need to worry about the scary trigonometry and calculus. You just have to practice interpreting data from tables, graphs, and basic statistics. Also, with mock tests, you can check yourself with the various arithmetic concepts such as types of integers, divisibility, exponents, number sequences, etc. 

Evidenced-based Analytical Writing Skills

This section consists of two analytical writing tasks namely, “Analyze an Issue” and “Analyze an Argument”. The former requires you to formulate an argument based on a given opinion of an issue. The latter, on the other hand, requires you to evaluate a given argument based on its logical soundness.

Quick tip 

You have to develop your critical thinking skills so as to objectively analyze and make a stand regarding an issue. Answering sample essay prompts, familiarizing with rubrics beforehand, and timing yourself in no more than 30 minutes will boost your chances to complete this part of your certbolt exam successfully.


In comparison to other graduate assessments like the MCAT, LSAT, or GMAT, the Certbolt GRE Test is relatively easier since it requires less specialized knowledge. So what are you waiting for? Explore the detailed objectives, get reliable practice tests, start preparing, and become the greater version of yourself.

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