What Makes a Great Knowledge Platform?

Have you been researching knowledge platforms recently and realized it is a good idea for your company? Indeed, knowledge platforms are a fantastic way of sharing information within a business and improving communication between different teams. But, the most important thing is that you choose a knowledge platform that suits your organization. This way, everybody is going to reap the benefits.

So, how do you identify a great knowledge platform and one that is going to work for you? Here are some elements that make a fantastic system and one that you should invest in.

Quick Search Features

Remember that the purpose of a knowledge platform is to share information. It should be easy to access and quick to find what you are looking for. After all, it is supposed to boost the productivity of your team rather than make them fall behind. 

Thus, one of the things you should look for in a knowledge platform is a quick search feature. In other words, there should be a way for employees to quickly type in what they want to find and for the system to bring them straight to the information. For example, Atlas will help you find exactly what you are looking for. This is a platform offered by Clear People and it has been renowned for helping companies boost productivity and information sharing. Indeed, there are quick easy to search included in the design.

Easy Knowledge Contribution

Let’s keep things simple and remember why you want a knowledge platform at your company. You want to make sure that it is easy to share information among employees. Well, something else you want to ensure is that new knowledge and research is being added to the system all the time. This is going to create an insightful and useful database of information for employees to use.

Therefore, you want to make sure that a knowledge platform allows for the easy contribution of knowledge. This will encourage employees to get involved and ensure that their hard work is captured for others to enjoy. Then, all of those hours will not be lost and they can feel like they are part of something.

An Easy-to-Use Design

Something that is very important for a knowledge platform is that the design is easy to use. Employees should be able to use the system without extensive training. It should be user-friendly and simple for those that are not good with technology. Your company does not have months and months to wait for employees to know how to work the knowledge management platform.

Therefore, you want to ensure that a knowledge platform has an easy-to-use design. You can always try out a demo to begin with before you purchase the system. You can also ask employees what type of features they would use in order to find the right one. Pay attention to testimonials from previous customers and their feedback to understand whether the design is user-friendly.

Promotes Organization

Something you definitely want to look for when it comes to a knowledge platform is organization. A good system is going to promote organization and make sure that all of the information is divided into categories. Not only does this make things easier to find, but it also means that employees can browse and find other useful information they had not considered before. This can be very useful on difficult projects and it can provide some support to get their workload.

You want to make sure that you do your own research when it comes to finding a knowledge platform. This means investigating different companies and seeing feedback on their system. In addition, do not be afraid to try out demos and make sure you like a knowledge platform before committing to that company. To want to ensure that it has all of the features you are looking for and that will improve your workplace.

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