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What is WordPress, and Why should you use it?

You must have heard about WordPress if you are familiar with CMS or Content Management System platforms. Though there are many CMS services, around 43.2% of global website holders have built their websites on WordPress. So, let’s learn what makes WordPress a preferred choice of people and why you should use it. 

An overview of WordPress

It’s a CMS or Content Management System that lets you build and adjust a blog or website’s appearance without needing to use coding. You can choose between and Earlier, WordPress was known only as a blogging platform, but today it has become the top choice of businesses to build and manage their e-commerce website. It saves money for users as they don’t need to connect with webmasters or designers to build customized websites. 

Users can launch their brand-new websites, alter content and images and take care of minor site maintenance. The CMS service has tie-ups with the hosting industry. Popular hosting services offer exclusive WordPress hosting at a very reasonable price. 

Top 4 reasons to use WordPress 

  • Ease of use

WordPress offers a simple dashboard listed with all essential menu options on the sidebar. Users can easily create pages, posts, add navigation menus and customize their web designs. 

The platform frequently launches WordPress updates that can be installed with a single click. WordPress themes and plugins are also regularly updated. 

Users can use free backup plugins, which can be set up for automatic backups. It lets you store the essential data on Dropbox or Google Drive. 

  • Suitable for all types of projects

The CMS platform is designed to be flexible as per your project requirements. You can use it as an online store for your business, create business-related forums, build virtual meetings, run social media platforms, and so on. For setting up an online store on WordPress, you will need the WooCommerce plugin. 

The CMS platform also allows you to optimize mobile applications and other projects. You have to install WordPress REST API, which is used to provide desired information to other platforms. 

  • Scales up the website

Scaling a business website as it grows has been a challenging aspect of e-commerce. The higher the amount of content you publish, the higher it strains your CMS as it leads to increased traffic. 

This is where WordPress can successfully aid growing businesses. The platform is extendable with over 45000 plugins that include all kinds of needed features. It allows you to add media galleries, mailing lists, Web Store, Analytics, carousel sliders, newsletter sign-ups, event calendars, affiliate, and advertising links, etc. 

Some of the biggest music celebrities’ websites that receive huge volumes of traffic every day use WordPress. Some of them include Snoop Dogg, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, and Tom Jones. However, you will have to run regular maintenance work for your website to ensure its blazing-fast growth. 

  • Wide themes varieties 

The CMS platform allows you to change your website’s theme as often as you want. You can choose from a number of different layouts and styles without needing to use any code. The platform categorizes layouts as traditional, magazine, and newspaper styles. 

WordPress offers unlimited options to choose from when it comes to design choices and color combinations for your website. You can also access premium themes that are professionally designed and have additional inbuilt capabilities, for example, SEO-optimized or mobile-optimized design, along with desktop-screen compatibility.

  • Active community support

People from all over the world contribute to the open-source platform of WordPress to make it better. Millions of knowledgeable users actively help new WordPress users with all kinds of technical problems. You can also find several detailed videos and tutorials about how to use WordPress. You can enter into WordPress community forums to post your specific question or simply search for the previously shared answers on the issue.


Above mentioned pointers are only a few of WordPress’s best benefits. Above all, the high scalability of the CMS platform makes it stand out from its competitors. WordPress is the best CSM option for you if you want your business website to be versatile and flexible as it grows. Ensure to try all new relevant updates and feature-addition on the platform to scale up your business website.

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