Top 5 tallest cartoon characters

tallest cartoon characters

Some of the tallest cartoon characters come from the world of Looney Tunes. Some of them can reach more than five feet in height and can shoot each other out of the sky, chop each other up, and blast each other in the face. Some of them can even run over cliffs and hover in mid-air before gravity kicks in.


Fernus is one of the tallest cartoon characters, but that does not mean he is the tallest. He is only a bit taller than Caillou. Both are over six feet tall, and have incredibly big shoeless feet. The average height of a male in the United States is five feet, four inches. However, many cartoon characters defy these statistics.

how tall is bruno encanto

If you’re wondering how tall bruno encanto is, you’re not alone. Among other things, he shares his birthday with his sister. But, he is not that tall himself. His parents are both quite short and he’s actually a hair under five feet. The oldest of his siblings, Luisa, is six feet five inches tall while his younger sister, Dolores, is three feet ten inches tall. Although the siblings share the same birthday, they look very different when compared to one another.

The question of “How tall is Bruno Encanto?” has become a topic of conversation around the world, with people all over the world curious about his height. After all, the film he was in, Encanto, was an animated musical fantasy comedy, made by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Studios Motion. Its plot was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and co-directed by Charise Castro Smith.


Validus is a superhuman being who is over five hundred feet tall and has superhuman strength. His powers include being immune to telepathy and projecting bolts of mental lightning. He is also incredibly tough and durable. He was originally created on the planet Pasnic and later brought to Takron Galtos by the Legion during the Sun-Eater scare. He is also a member of the Fatal Five.

Validus’s height may be the cause of some people’s confusion over his identity. The character is very tall compared to the average human, and is one of the tallest cartoon characters. However, it does not mean that he is particularly muscular. A large portion of his height is due to his head, which is shaped like a human skull. In the comics, Validus can grow up to 500 feet tall, and has two toes and fingers on each foot.


Galactus is a giant, god-like humanoid from the Marvel comic book series. He was once mortal and now controls the universe’s life force by consuming planets. This powerful alien also has the ability to change size at will. At his normal size, he measures about 29 feet (9 meters) tall and weighs about 18 tons. However, he can be much taller, being as large as a house. Once he encountered Ego, the Living Planet, who mocked him because of his size, Galactus decided to change his size to a more human-like level.

Galactus was originally from another universe that predates the current one. At one time, he flew through a black hole and fell into it. This caused him to become invulnerable to the attack of the villain Vision, who is made of Dark Matter. As a result, Galactus grew larger than the galaxy itself. In addition to its gigantic size, Galactus is capable of traversing space and air, and it can glide through a thin layer of air using its sheer willpower.


The character Mangog is a fictional being from the Marvel comic books. He is an enormous superhuman being with superhuman strength and endurance. He is also capable of manipulating magic for shapeshifting and energy projection. In the comics, Mangog makes several appearances, most notably in the Marvel superhero Thor: God of Thunder. His voice is provided by the same actor who also voices the character in the Thor movie. In recent years, Mangog has also appeared in the Heroclix game.

In the 2012 Avengers movie, Mangog one-punched Chitauri Leviathan. Although the Hulk has been a member of the Avengers since the beginning, he doesn’t want to face Mangog on the battlefield. While he might have the strength of billions of beings, his power derives from hate and his ability to manipulate magic for energy projection.

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