The Ultimate Guide You Need to Know about Running a Salesforce Backup

When your business is operating on a database, you don’t need to think twice about whether your business should create a backup of the data items or not. Just a small malfunction of the application or minor human error can also affect a massive chunk of your business’s data items. Things won’t be any different with Salesforce as many business owners store an absurd amount of data items in their ecosystem. Hence, running the perfect Salesforce backup is extremely important to keep your business afloat.

With the help of the Salesforce data backup option, you will be able to back up the data items of your business in numerous ways. Not to mention, the metadata of your business can also be backed up properly. Here’s the ultimate guide that you need to know about running a Salesforce backup.

Why Do Salesforce Backup?

Data loss or corruption can be catastrophic for any business. Losing customer data, sales records, and other critical information can result in lost revenue, damage to your reputation, and legal issues. This is why it is essential to back up your Salesforce data regularly.

There are several reasons why you should backup your Salesforce data, including:


Keep in mind that some specific business industries pay close attention to the proper data retention techniques. As per TechTarget, data retention policies are one of the most important factors for any business. If your business fails to comply with these regulations, you will end up facing severe legal problems. Not to mention, you might also need to pay a hefty fine. When you take proper precautions to back your Salesforce data items up, you will be able to make sure that your business is capable of meeting those specific requirements.

Disaster Recovery 

Whether you have a large or a small business, you might end up suffering from data loss due to various reasons. During tough times, you need to make sure you’re recovering the data items of your business effectively. With the help of the Salesforce disaster recovery option, you don’t need to worry about losing essential data items permanently.

You Will Have Peace of Mind 

This is another reason why choosing salesforce backup solutions will prove extremely beneficial for your business. When you back up the essential as well as sensitive data items of your business effectively, you will be able to focus on other aspects of your business peacefully knowing that the data items are secured and safe.

How Can You Backup Salesforce?

The backup and recovery method you choose will depend on the things that you want to back up using Salesforce. Therefore, you need to make sure you’re differentiating the two important types of data items that can be exported with Salesforce: data and metadata.

Data are different types of records such as deals, contacts, accounts, and others you will be able to find within the Salesforce ecosystem. This specific category will also focus on custom object records as well as the uploaded files.

On the other hand, the metadata are different types of derivatives such as reports, configuration, layouts, and dashboards.


This is the ultimate guide you needed to know about running a Salesforce data backup. Do you have any other questions? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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