Great Suggestions To Improve Gaming Experience On Macbooks

Gaming on Macbook is no longer just a pipe dream. The most recent Mac models are capable of running AAA games, and the whole gaming experience can improve even more by making some adjustments.

If you are an avid video game player and want to know what it is like to play some of your favourite titles on a Macbook, read the suggestions below.

Suggestion #1 – Maintain Enough Drive Space

Aim to have at least 15% of free storage on the drive. Video games require a lot of storage, particularly modern ones. If only a few free gigabytes are left in the disk, you will encounter more performance issues, not just when playing video games.

Look for files you can delete. Old email attachments, downloads, and temporary data are worth considering. As for other storage on Mac, remember that there is an option to transfer data to clouds and external storage devices, like memory sticks. Finally, instead of keeping media files on the laptop, why not use streaming services to listen to or watch your favourites.

Also, go through your Downloads folder. It is very likely that you will find such one-time-use files like PDF flyers and installation files. 

Suggestion #2 – Close Background Apps

There is no need to keep redundant background apps if you are playing video games. Even software like antivirus is not necessary if the game you play is on a reliable platform, like Steam. 

Closing background apps will free up computer resources that the system dedicates to video games, and that will help, especially for more demanding games.

Suggestion #3 – Add New Hardware 

Additional hardware is an option to consider. That is if your Macbook model allows for it. The most popular hardware changes include extra RAM, replacing an HDD with an SSD, and buying an external graphics processing unit. 

All improvements make a difference, and it usually comes down to budget. If you are not in a hurry, wait for the holidays when there are sales. This way, you will save some money.

Suggestion #4 – Remove Dust Inside

Too much dust and dirt inside the laptop can potentially damage the internal hardware. Take action as soon as you hear a loud noise or notice that the Macbook is overheating.

Removing the filth inside is not the only way to deal with the issue. A cooling pad is also worth a shout. The accessory gives a source of fresh air that keeps the computer cool.

Suggestion #5 – Restart the Macbook Regularly

Regular restarts prevent memory leaks – a phenomenon that occurs when background applications start to distribute computer memory incorrectly. Restarting the computer should not be a problem when you need to do it every few hours.

Also, if you are tired of waiting for the laptop to load each time you restart it, speed the process by enabling the auto-login feature and trimming the startup application list.

Suggestion #6 – Stick to Full-Screen Mode

You may run into some articles that suggest how video games perform better in the window mode. While that may be the case sometimes, full-screen is a better option as a rule of thumb.

The full-screen mode makes the computer shift its resources only to a video game. Meanwhile, playing video games in the window mode means that there is a desktop in the background and that the system has to render it in addition to the video game.

Suggestion #7 – Tinker With In-Game Settings

While some games rely on visuals to provide players with the best experience, there are plenty of exceptions, particularly when it comes to indie games.

However, you can still improve things on your side by tinkering with in-game settings. Graphics vary, and you may change shadow, texture, and water reflection quality. And these are just a few examples.

The important thing to note is that players should try different variations until they find a balance between the performance and how the game looks visually. 

Suggestion #8 – Install OS Updates

Do not miss system updates. New OS versions introduce the latest features as well as stability and patches to potential security holes. So even if the most recent update takes some time to download or install, you should still prioritize it.

Suggestion #9 – Scan for Potential Malware

The problem is malware should be clear. If your computer has a virus, it is only natural that there will be performance issues, and not just while you want to enjoy video games.

It is important to scan the Macbook’s drive regularly using reliable antivirus software. Ensure that any potentially corrupted files disappear from the computer before they cause unnecessary problems.

Besides having a reliable anti-malware tool, browsing the web via virtual private networks is also a good piece of advice. The services cost about a couple of bucks per month, but they provide online security and privacy.

At the end of the day, taking as many measures to counter potential cybersecurity threats, such as malware attacks, will help with keeping the Mac in good condition.

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