Social media monitoring: why, when and how?

The digital ecosystem is constantly evolving and social media is no exception to this effervescence of ideas. New features are constantly appearing, and keeping up to date with the latest trends is a key step in your communication strategy. Your content must arouse the interest of your audience, but also the sometimes-capricious algorithms of each platform. Your e-reputation is also a major element to monitor. So, why and when to carry out a watch in community management? What are the essential tools to be effective? Let us transform you into a monitoring expert social network with this article.

The three reasons not to miss out on monitoring in community management

Goal #1: Familiarize yourself with new updates and features

When we talk about the people behind the Meta Empire or any other online community platform, we are visualizing a world apart. A universe of little elves with overflowing imagination, working hard to make us even more addicted to their machinery. Then in our world, there are community managers, and all the people whose social networks are an integral part of their business. For them, the pace of digital aces and their discoveries can sometimes become a nightmare.

The only solution not to be overwhelmed by this rain of new information: digital monitoring. It enables them not to miss anything and to keep pace with these specialists in innovation. We therefore advise you to keep a lookout so as not to get lost.

Objective n°2: create content in accordance with its audience and trends

Social networks are, for many companies and auto-entrepreneurs, a key element of their communication strategy. This encompasses the creation of content, its distribution as well as the management of their communities.
To develop an editorial calendar that is both relevant but also pleasant for Internet users and algorithms, setting up a monitoring strategy is an essential step. It allows you to stay constantly informed of new trends and the latest tools. Using his expert eye and his analytical skills, the person in charge of communication can find the publications that appeal most to his audience. His posts are thus more likely to generate engagement.

Objective n°3: monitor your e-reputation

E-reputation, also called “digital image”, is an aspect that should not be overlooked, because it can destroy the reputation of a brand or a company. Nowadays and with the power of social networks, a company can very quickly find itself in a complicated media situation by the social media verification agency. Efficient and daily monitoring, combined with excellent responsiveness, can help avoid finding yourself in a delicate position.

Regularity or how to successfully monitor social networks

You’ve probably noticed: as soon as a new feature is released, another one is already on the tip of its nose… It’s as if the elves of the Meta universe want to put our ability to adapt to the test! We agree that it is sometimes difficult to follow, but as users, we have time to discover and tame these novelties. On the other hand, when it comes to the core of your business, it is essential to keep up with the latest updates and innovations.

To achieve this, the most important point is to constantly monitor what is happening in the digital sphere by setting up a social media watch. Ideally, this task is performed daily. However, it’s not about spending two hours every morning reading the latest news. This could very well annoy Camille, your colleague, who is responding to all your subscribers on Instagram!

Fortunately, solutions are there to organize you (you and your colleague Camille) and follow the news on social networks without wasting too much time. The possibility of receiving notifications is one of the main attractions of these digital assistants. You choose the themes that interest you as well as the frequency of sending. For example, you can receive them once a day or every other day. It is thus possible to see in a few minutes the latest news of the themes that interest you. For this, our darling among our digital assistants is undoubtedly Google Alerts. We tell you more below.

The three essential resources to not miss anything

Tools specific to Community Management

The management of social media is a real job of watching. Like a meerkat, you have to be on the lookout for the slightest information, novelty, trend, etc. To the delight of Community Managers and anyone using social networks as part of their work, monitoring tools can help you perform this task. Once these are properly configured, you no longer need to search for information, it comes directly to you. Just indicate the topics that interest you and you will be notified of the latest articles published on these topics (“Meta”, “twitter”, “Canva”, etc.).

These resources also make it possible to set up a content curation monitoring strategy, an essential aspect of the community manager’s job.

Our recommendations: Google Alerts, Feedly, Twitter (associated with Tweet deck) and

Blogs, podcasts and newsletters

What if you went to get the information at the source? This is not always the idea that comes to mind first, when it seems to be one of the most logical. Social networks also have an account or an information page on their own platform! Yes, Instagram’s Insta profile, who would have thought of it? This allows them, among other things, to keep the first of their novelties and their topicality. It is obvious that this is one of the best methods to keep you informed about their latest updates and features.

In the same idea, we advise you to read blogs and listen to podcasts related to community management. However, this technique is a little more time-consuming than standby tools, but just as effective. Some offer weekly newsletters, it’s also a great way to stay informed of key figures related to each social media.

Our recommendations: the Community Manager Journal, My CM Mag, the BDM (Moderator’s Blog)

The competition: learn from their highs and lows!

This permanent observation work combines two objectives: informative and strategic. Your competitors are an excellent source of information, observe their communication plan as well as the type of content that works for them.

This analysis can both give your ideas and prevent you from making the same mistakes! Of course, it is not a question of copying them. It would have no interest, neither for you nor for your community. See them only as a source of inspiration.

In addition, competitive intelligence makes it possible to analyze the market as a whole. By examining the customer profile of your competitors, you find out which market shares you may also be interested in. Finally, the analysis of their interests can also give you avenues to study for your own audience.

In summary:

  • News monitoring is a must for anyone working on social media.
  • Regularity will allow you not to miss anything and perhaps even to have a head start on your “rivals”.
  • Many digital solutions are available to set up effective monitoring.
  • The other players in your sector are a real source of information, monitor their practices like milk on the fire.

Community management monitoring is therefore a crucial aspect of your daily life. This task can sometimes be time-consuming. Nevertheless, many tools exist to help you save time and be efficient. And you, how do you organize yourself so as not to miss anything? Share with us all your tips and techniques!


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