Reason for celebrating Lakshmi Puja on Diwali?

The most significant puja done on Deepavali is the Lakshmi Puja, devoted to the Hindu Goddess of fortune, luck, and prosperity. But why do we conduct Lakshmi Puja, particularly on Diwali occasion? Mythology has it that Goddess Lakshmi incarnated on Deepavali occasion during the mythical churning of sea (samudra-manthan) in the Puranas. This is the primary reason why Lakshmi Puja is conducted on Diwali. Another mythology has it that on Deepavali occasion, Lord Vishnu in his fifth embodiment as Vaman Avatar saved Goddess Lakshmi from the prison of King Bali.

People conduct Lakshmi Puja on the day for stability, fortune, material wealth, and spiritual prosperity. The widespread assumption is that Goddess Lakshmi attends homes on the day, and she is greeted by maintaining the premises neat and tidy.

Religious Significance of Diwali:

Jai Sri Ram! The glow of lights, the self-luminous inner glow, is ever gleaming steadily in the section of your heart. Sit peacefully. Shut your eyes. Get free from the senses. Cure the mind on this ultimate light and take pleasure in the real Deepavali by acquiring illumination of the spirit.

He who Himself glimpses all but whom no one can control, who brightens the intelligence, the moon, the sun, the stars, and the entire universe but whom they cannot brighten up, He certainly is Brahman; he is the real Self. Commemorate the real Diwali by experiencing the spirit of Brahman, and appreciate the endless bliss of the heart. The sun does not glisten there, nor do the stars and the moon, nor do lightning shimmer. All the world’s lights cannot be matched even to a glow of the inner light of the self. Incorporate yourself in this brightness of lights and relish the ultimate Deepavali. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, you can opt for online Diwali gift delivery.

Many Diwali celebrations have arrived and gone. However, the souls of the vast population are as gloomy as the twilight of the new moon. The home is brightened with lights, but the heart is full of the darkness of cluelessness. Don’t you want to fix it? Open your eyes from the siesta of ignorance. 

Acknowledge the steady and lasting light of the spirit, which neither drifts nor sets through reflection and profound inquiry.

May you all acquire full inner positivity! May the ultimate light of lights illuminate your understanding! May you all acquire the eternal spiritual prosperity of the self! May you all flourish beautifully on the material as well as spiritual planes! 

Deepavali Thoughts – A New Start:

Deepavali is a sign of a new start, a new outset. I always declare that God doesn’t unlock our old doors. Whenever we run to Him, we lower our heads decently and surrender ourselves to his divinity. He will acknowledge us. We must only surrender ourselves completely to his feet and blessings. On Deepavali, maximum people begin a new chequebook to exemplify a fresh start; They usually pen the first cheque and offer it to God. This is a lovely symbol of commitment to him. It exemplifies that whoever we are, whatever we have, and whatever we earn is being offered at his holy feet. This is the magnificence of Indian civilization. In our yagnas, the slokas end with idam na mama. This signifies, not for me, but for you, Lord.

Nonetheless, once we’ve penned that cheque to God, offered it in the mandir, chanted a few mantras, and accepted prasad, shall we be any different? Do we give our vitalities to God, or do we only provide him with this piece of paper each year? The cheque to God is not a stop in and of itself. Instead, it is the means to a stop. It is the Indian civilization’s way of instructing us always to memorize God in everything we perform and always recall that He is He to whom we offer and surrender everything. Without his dignity and his prayers, nothing is conceivable.

This year, let us promise not only to surrender God a cheque (a piece of paper), chant a few mantras, and then move on with our lives as they were residing before. But instead, let us promise to live according to the actuality that we owe everything to God, and let us truly try to provide back to Him.

So, this year, pen the first cheque to God. Yes, this is wonderful. Put that cheque in the temple. But, then, jot down the second cheque to God’s kids who are mourning. 

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Wrapping Up:

We hope that this piece of write-up has been helpful for you to understand the significance of Lakshmi Puja on Diwali. This 2022, celebrate Diwali with your close ones, family members, friends, and relatives. Get amazing gifts from the online gift shop via Bloomsvilla. You can come across beautiful Diyas and lamps illuminating Diwali with happiness and positivity.

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