How To Fix [pii_email_4db8322de22af53a2bdc] Error? Outlook Error Fix

Microsoft Outlook error occurs when some mishappening takes place with the Outlook email account and it shows the error [pii_email_4db8322de22af53a2bdc]. There are many types of error codes that show up when different problems occur in the Outlook account. This i8s the most dependable software because it is used not only for mail but also in handling personal files and documents safely.

This error may occur either when facing some issues due to the other software present on the computer or faults in the installation process. This error occurs many times and destroys your task completion process so here in this article, you will get everything about [pii_email_4db8322de22af53a2bdc] error and the ways to fix this error amazingly without disturbing your other files and software.

What is [pii_email_4db8322de22af53a2bdc] error?

This error comes up in Microsoft Outlook which is a hindrance to the task of receiving and sending emails due to some reasons. Microsoft Outlook is the top priority software use as it is so popular and used by a maximum number of people. This error may occur due to the presence of more than one account on your device.

How to fix [pii_email_4db8322de22af53a2bdc] error?

Here are all the ways you need to know if you are facing [pii_email_4db8322de22af53a2bdc] error in a properly described manner for your comfort. So if you are looking for the methods to fix this error, see here.

  • Auto repair tool

There is a tool in windows namely the auto repair tool that is used to repair errors caused by any app in windows in a much simpler way. To fix errors by this tool, here are the steps below in detail.

Step 1: Open the Control Panel and select the program and attributes tab from the list of options.

Step 2:  There it shows all the applications which are there on your computer in a list.

Step 3: choose the Microsoft option from the options and then a new window appears on your device.

Step 4: there you can see the option to edit on the top of the screen and then select the repair option from the edit menu.

  • Use the original instead of pirated

The main cause of [pii_email_4db8322de22af53a2bdc] Outlook error may be the use of a pirated website to reach your Outlook account instead of the original one and the Microsoft team will identify and to save you from the different virus it will show this [pii_email_4db8322de22af53a2bdc] error to ensure your safety so it is better to use the original version.

  • Use the web version for sometime

Sometimes this error shows up when there is some issue with the app itself so it is better to not worry about it much and use the web version of Outlook and handle mails from there till the issue is resolved by the team of Microsoft Outlook.

  • Log out from other accounts

Having more than one account is the main cause of this issue and you need to resolve this soon by removing other accounts and make sure only the primary account stays in your Outlook software but no duplicate account.

  • Uninstall and reinstall

The most simple way to fix this error is to uninstall the Microsoft Outlook software and then reinstall it again which will be going to fix this error and then log in again by your primary account and make sure to not add multiple accounts because this will show the [pii_email_4db8322de22af53a2bdc] error again.

  • Clear cache and cookies

The easiest and fastest way to make your Outlook account clean from viruses and fix the [pii_email_4db8322de22af53a2bdc] error is to clean all cache and history which removes all the cookies in your windows and it is most likely that error is solved now.

  • Contact Outlook support team

If the other methods do not work then the last alternative is to get in touch with the support team because they will definitely understand your issue and the reason behind it and will solve it as soon as possible to make your Outlook account work again.

  • Disable antivirus

Sometimes it happens that antivirus blocks some software and comes in between the task to provide more security to users so sometimes [pii_email_4db8322de22af53a2bdc] error occurs due to hindrance caused by antivirus. To fix this error disable the antivirus for some time and most probably it will resolve the issue in the Outlook account.

  • Delete suspicious messages

Some suspicious messages are germs in your Outlook account which restrict the allowance of any other messages, so it’s better to delete these kinds of messages to save your mailbox from junk stuff. Access your mailbox from the web and contact ISP to delete these messages.

  • Have a look at server requirements

If the issue persists then here is the last procedure to solve the Microsoft Outlook [pii_email_4db8322de22af53a2bdc] error so follow these.

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Outlook application and go for the file option which appears over the screen.

Step 2: Choose account settings from the File tab and select Email from the menu.

Step 3: Select your primary account from the list of accounts and go for the more settings tab.

Step 4: the last step is server authentication and then save the settings to resolve the issue.


Many people got stuck during their tasks in Outlook due to [pii_email_4db8322de22af53a2bdc] error and face difficulty in solving it or finding the reasons behind this error. Here in this blog, we have explained all the reasons and ways to fix this issue.

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