Paid Guest Posting for SEO: Guide 2022


There are many ways that webmasters can gain backlinks, Paid guest posts is thought to be among the most efficient. This method can help increase the authority of a domain through search engines, and also gaining links from donor websites.

1. What Is Paid Guest Posting?

Paid guest posts is a technique for posting publications sponsor by advertisers, which relies on interactions between an optimizer as well as an agent of an external source. Many sites allow guest content, even when the domain of interest hasn’t yet been ranked highly.

2. Why Is Paid Guest Blogging Essential for SEO?

The guest blog lets you get high-quality hyperlinks from the people that you connect with. A single backlink on your profile doesn’t alter the bigger picture, but in the event that these posts are more extensive than those from lower-quality sources this website stands an increas chance of ranking more traffic from search engines.

3. How Does Google Treat This Promotion Method?

Paid guest posts are usually describe as a way to gain links from unnatural sources However, it’s actually not that easy. Search engines might be aware that you have post articles to build backlinks, but this isn’t advantageous for the website’s visitors.

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4. Where to Find Websites for Guest Posting?

There are many formats to publish guest posts that are paid. Some webmasters collaborate only with their personal blogs and reliable media, others don’t limit themselves to these sites.

4.1. Take websites from SERPs and search results by keywords

The most basic way of finding relevant donors is by parsing results from a search. There are websites that allow posting links with the help of specific searches — commands that permit you to filter search results in SERP.

4.2. Find websites by using Serpstat

In Serpstat it is possible to search websites in a variety of ways. For instance, you can search for the top blogs that have articles on the same subject:

4.3. Explore niche forums

There are always prepare lists of donor websites for placing links on that include prices as well as other details.

4.4. Examine the backlink profile of a competitor

The profile of backlinks of your competitors can provide important details. By using such tools as Serpstat you can study it thoroughly and discover all the ways to build links employ by your competition.

4.5. Choose articles from thematic resources

Guest posting is often very expensive Therefore, webmasters may include links in the article collection. This can help save money , and to partially address the issue.

4.6. Find websites that have the same audience

Direct competitors won’t advertise the same resource, however you will always be able to find similar focus websites whose owners don’t mind earning $100 to $200 for a guest article.

4.7. Social media search

Social media hyperlinks do not have any effect on ranking, but you could utilize social media to locate websites that could be a potential source of donations, but may not be apparent when analyzing results of a search.

5. What to Consider When Selecting a Website?

A lot of SEO experts focus on the metrics of link building and do not think on their focus on the quality of the content as well as the activities of the target audience as well as other crucial factors. Link juice is crucial but it should not be the sole goal when posting backlinks.

5.1. Relevance of the content on websites and its the relevance

A guest blog that is paid for and has good link metrics is not an ideal candidate for a donor in the first place. There are a few issues that could arise when you post if you don’t take note of thorough analysis.

5.2. Website metrics

The metrics of a website are important However, they only do so if they are carefully examined by an SEO expert. For instance it is not logical to solely focus on Page Authority without considering the significant Spam Score.

5.3. Score for website spam

The score for spam is calculated by analyzing the inbound and outbound link ratio. It is crucial not to flood a site by promoting paid backlinks, if you would like it to be appealing to advertisers.

6. What Are the Stages of Paid Guest Posting?

Guest posting paid for should be considered an all-encompassing link-building method that will only benefit if you develop an elaborate plan and then implement it step-by-step.

6.1. Find a list of pertinent sources

The process of achieving a successful guest posting starts with looking for relevant sites for donors that could influence its authority. If an optimizer is spending much time working doing this they’ll discover a dozen trustworthy websites.

6.2. Filter websites based on certain criteria

Before putting together an inventory of websites that will be donated before putting together a list of donor sites, an SEO specialist needs to establish the criteria which they’ll assess the web pages’ quality to further cooperate. The criteria should not be limited to only link metrics.

6.3. Examine the guidelines to submit articles for a particular blog

The success of the collaboration largely depends on how the process for guest posting are implemented. It could take a long time to reach an agreement on the specifics if the content has not been published prior to.

6.4. Propose collaboration

The suggestion for collaboration is typically listed as the third step in the chain of steps required for guest blogging, however it is contingent on the particular site.

6.5. Create content

The quality of content influences the speed of publication as well as the involvement of the intended audience, and the assessment of the site from search engine. If a webmaster is solely focused on metrics for links including dofollow and nofollow attributes, they might not be able to reap other benefits.

6.6. Edit the text

It is possible to modify the content if the site representative is not able to agree with it at first. Don’t interpret editing as a rejectionthis is a standard procedure. It is best to follow the guidelines and wait for approval.

6.7. Examine the results

After publishing your content, you must to assess the success of your project. Certain donor websites will provide only a small amount of benefit, which is fine.

7. Free vs. Paid Guest Posting

Many optimizers wish to save money, and believe that they can increase link juice through guest posts for free. Some websites offer free content but getting their permission is more difficult.

8. Selection of the Best Platforms for Paid Guest Posts

Every sphere has the top websites that offer paid backlinks Therefore, creating the most diverse collection of websites for donors isn’t always simple. The first and most important thing is that it is important to consider the site’s relevancy and not just consider the metrics of the link only.


Guest posting is among the most efficient ways to gain links from reputable sources. When done properly it permits you to frequently change the profile of your link for your site and gain higher ranking in search engine results.

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