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Bed bugs are hidden away in tiny areas when they are not chasing you for their next meal. Night watch bed bug monitor are typically difficult to identify due to their vast abundance and microscopic size. They frequently congregate in electrical outlets and baseboards, fooling even the most professional bed bug exterminator.

Most pest control technicians utilize an active bed bug monitor to determine the existence of a bed bug infestation. These gadgets become even more important in empty areas because an insect bite cannot alert you to an infestation. These surveillance gadgets simulate a sleeping person in the room, luring bugs out of hiding and trapping them in a specific spot that you can inspect on a regular basis.


Night watch has been on the market for years as the first professional grade bed insect monitor and is still the finest at what it does. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and identifies whether or not you have an infestation. If you do, Night watch kills them quickly as well.

Simply set the gadget in a room and it will begin producing heat, carbon dioxide, and pheromones, creating an atmosphere similar to that of a sleeping person. These components attract bed bugs from their hiding places and direct them to this gadget. The bugs are trapped and exterminated once inside.


Night watch is an unrivalled winner because to its three-pronged enticing method, which combines-

  • Heat emitted by the human body during sleeping.
  • A gradual carbon dioxide release that resembles human breathing.
  • Kairomone is a synthetic pheromone lure.

Kairomone is a synthetic chemical compound created in a laboratory. This combination signals to the hiding bed bugs that a food supply is close. On either side of the gadget, there are two replaceable pitfalls where the bugs become caught on their route to the bait. The gadget is absolutely non-toxic and may be used in rooms where dogs and children are present.

The night watch is comprised of a few fundamental components.

  • A power cables.
  • Two pitfall traps, one on either side of the monitor.
  • 3 packets of kairomone (pheromone).
  • Top cover to conceal the kairomone.
  • A radiator component

The box contains everything except a CO2 bottle. You can easily get the CO2 bottle separately online and have it filled for a few dollars at your local sports store. Look for CO2 bottles that have a volume of 18 to 24 ounces.

Returning to the Night watch, it has a digital clock that deliberately releases CO2 between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. since that is when bed bugs are most active. After plugging in the Night watch, press the “Hour Establish” button to set the suitable sleeping time. The CO2 bottle should be replenished or changed every 3 to 4 nights, while the kairomone pack should be replaced every 7 days. Kairomone refillable packets are widely available online.


CO2 is the most potent attractant for bed bugs because it helps them locate their victim. These little vampires are like regions with high levels of carbon dioxide. Because humans move so little at night, exhaled CO2 becomes trapped around them like a cloud, which is when bed bugs attack the most. The human presence is far more appealing to bugs than CO2 alone, which is why CO2 machines employ human warmth in conjunction with a steady release of carbon dioxide to entice insects in

CO2 devices emit carbon dioxide every 5 seconds, simulating a 70-pound child’s breath. Following that, a thermal lure warms up, creating a blood signal near the skin’s surface. bed bug contagious  the thermal heat simulates a young animal’s body temperature. The CO2 device’s skin temperature is often greater than actual skin temperatures.

Bed bugs will follow the CO2 trail until they locate the thermal lure. They become entangled in the pitfalls on each side as they seek to reach the thermal lure by ascending up the felt-covered ramp. When they reach the top of the pitfall, they encounter a slick surface that first levels out before rapidly descending into the pit.

When they try to turn around, it’s too late; they’ve passed the point of no return. They’ve landed in a hole with smooth vertical slides. Inside the pitfall, it’s warm and comfy, and the soothing warmth slowly dries them off overnight.


Overall, Night watch is a high-quality gadget that kills bed bugs quickly and securely. It is intended to be simple and easy to use. Night watch distinguishes itself from its competitors by employing a variety of lures. Night watch, unlike intercepting traps, does not need the presence of a human bait. Some people have totally eradicated infestations with only Night watch.

Even if you use chemical sprays to control pests, Night watch can ensure that bed bugs are out in the open and come into touch with the treatment. Night watch is the best all-in-one equipment on the market, whether you need a monitor for prevention or a bed bug trap for treatment.

The sole disadvantage of this item is its high price, which may be out of reach for some. While the price is significantly more than, say, insect spray and other chemicals, keep in mind that Night watch can catch bed bugs indefinitely, making it cost advantageous in the long term. It is completely worth the money since it protects you from future infestations.

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