Moving Electrical Equipment in 2022? Follow This Essential Checklist

If you own a successful, growing company in the capital and it has come time to relocate to new premises, you’ll be faced with many different challenges. One of these is how to move electrical equipment to ensure that there is minimal downtime before you start the business back up in the new offices, and to do so without damaging sensitive, vital pieces of electrical equipment.

Choosing a moving and storage company in London that fits this need is vital, as you need to be sure that your high-value electrical equipment is secure in transit and will be installed correctly at the other end to minimise downtime and to get your staff going again as soon as possible.

It is most likely that electrical equipment, such as computers, will be moved due to a relocation of an office space or a home move. We’ve put together a brief checklist of how to move electrical equipment in 2022, based on a relocation process for an office:

  1. Choose a removal company in London

It is too important to your business to take things by chance. Moving your own office and electrical equipment could cause damage to items and expensive pieces of equipment that are essential to how your business operates. Why take that chance? The first thing you should do when looking to move electrical equipment is to research removal companies in London and find one with a good reputation and experience in office relocations and moving electrical equipment.

From there, you can utilise their expertise in planning the move and outlining how your IT infrastructure and other electrical items will be moved carefully and securely.

  1. Prepare a packing list

Your expert removal company can help with this, as it is part of the planning phase of moving electrical equipment. In advance of the big move, put away any robust packing boxes that you come across, or boxes that could be used for packing purposes. Stock up on adhesive tape, bubble wrap, markers, and string. This will go a long way to helping you when the time comes to start packing up.

  1. Pack in a convenient order

You might be able to pack away non-essential items in advance of the big move, but in some cases, there will be essential items that need to keep running until the last minute. Ensure that when you are packing away the essential items at the end, that they are clearly marked and put in a prominent, easy to locate position, that means when you unpack in the new location these items can be unpacked and installed immediately.

A clear packing and unpacking plan helps to ease stress and the inherent pressures of moving home or office, so take that extra time at this stage to make things easier later on.

  1. Pack for security

Your computers and other electrical equipment are some of the most expensive, delicate, and important items you’ll take with you on your move. It is vital that these are doubly secure, with bubble wrap, extra tape, and extra-sturdy packing boxes used to place them into transit.

Your removal company in London will have the expertise to offer advice and guidance on this, including how to travel with electrical equipment that you have first dismantled. This could mean spending a bit more time and budget on extra robust packing essentials for certain items, but it will be well worth it in the end when you get everything safely to the other location.

  1. Plan for unpacking

Before you get to your new location you should know exactly what to expect. Plan ahead, understanding what will go where, so that when you arrive everything can be placed immediately in the right areas of the building. This ensures that there is less fuss and minimal downtime – you want to be up and running as quickly as possible in any new location, office or home. In terms of electricity and other utilities, arrange with your providers well in advance so that your old supply is switched off and your new supply switched on with minimal overlap. You want to be able to plug in and get going right away in your new location.

If you are in the market for a removal company in London to help you move offices and take care of your sensitive and important electrical equipment, make sure you choose a company that fits your specific needs. Moving electrical equipment requires a dedicated, specialist, and careful approach. Your computers, telephone systems, printers, servers, and other pieces of equipment are vital to how your business functions. Relocating brings with it several challenges, so it is paramount that you hire the best removal company to make that side of the change go off without a hitch.

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