Most Popular Korean Skincare Brands To Try in 2023

Korean Skincare

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Korean skincare has changed the game for many of us. K-beauty is recognized for its emphasis on mild, moisturizing elements that help to enhance your moisture barrier and alleviate inflammation. Tech-savvy firms are investing in money, research, and effort to create at-home gadgets that allow your products to soak deeper and provide skin-plumping results. Let’s talk about the most popular Korean skincare products from Blithe Skincare to Dr. Jart. Let’s see what you can get from each brand.  

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Peach & Lilly 

According to Yoon, Peach & Lily is now a top 10 luxury brand at Ulta Beauty, while Peach Slices is a top 10 mass brand in the acne arena. Peach & Lily, like its competitor Soko Glam, capitalized on its industry experience by launching its own supercharged, eponymous in-house Peach & Lily brand. 

Cleansers, creams, toners, oils, serums, masks, and an eye healing stick are among the products available. Prices vary from $19 to $43, which isn’t exactly inexpensive, but it’s also not out of the ordinary. They’re also cruelty-free, vegan, and devoid of synthetic perfumes.


Bithe is a brand that creates products for a modern, urban lifestyle. They feel that stress and dangerous environmental variables (dust, pollution, heavy metals) are prematurely aging skin. Their products are pricier for a k-beauty product, but they also have an excellent reputation to back it up. 

All of these elements are combined in the brand’s three-step skincare regimen: purification, recovery, and recharge. This includes their Patting Splash Mask (the first of its type and unique to Blithe), Recovery Vital Treatment, and Pressed Serum, which is a serum/face cream hybrid. Blithe provides an all-inclusive skincare solution with the greatest ingredients!

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Dr. Jart

Dr. Jart+ incorporates tiger grass and ceramides into their skin-nourishing products to prevent irritation and redness. Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 and the Best of Beauty-winning Tiger Grass Calming Gel Cream are among the brand’s top offerings. The Cicapair Tiger Grass Sleepair Intensive Mask ($42) is one of our favorites though. 

Thank You Farmer!

This skincare line is focused on taking the best possible care of your skin. Tea, aloe vera, rice, and green and sunflower seed are just a few of the skin-soothing elements included in the list. The Sun Project Light Sun Essence hits all of our boxes when it comes to a go-to SPF.


Cosrx is a low-cost, ingredient-focused, and accessible Korean beauty brand that some compare to no-frills, US-based companies like Paula’s Choice. Have you heard about snail mucin’s capacity to aid in the healing of hyperpigmentation? That might be because of the Advanced Snail line. 


So, if you are eager to buy Korean skincare products this year, head on toward Sensoo. The brands we have summarized here are the most popular cosmetic brands in South Korea! Give them a try and see how their products are going to revolutionize your skin! 

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