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How To Write An Evaluation Essay? Format And Writing Tips For Students

Have you ever had the assignment of writing an evaluation essay? If yes, then you must have an idea of how to work on this essay type and its formatting. There is no need to worry in case you have not worked on this essay before because you are here to learn about this essay type. In today’s post, we will discuss an evaluation essay and its formatting requirements. Along with this, the tips for writing this essay will also be part of today’s discussion. So, let’s start the topic with a definition.

What is an evaluation essay?

An evaluation essay is a kind of scholarly text that evaluates an item, product, or subject by going deep into that. This essay involves providing an opinion about a product or item by performing an in-depth analysis of that particular product or item. Being an opinion-based essay, it is a bit different from other types of essays. It requires its writer to pass judgment on the topic of discussion rather than giving a report on the product. It aims at evaluating the characteristics of a particular product and telling the audience whether or not they should opt for that product. Hence, it is what an evaluation essay is all about.

What is the format of an evaluation essay?

How you format an essay is crucial to effectively present your evaluation to the audience. A well-formatted essay helps the readers know the main ideas and gives them an idea of how the essay content is flowing. Moreover, it helps the audience understand your point better. Hence, a brief description of the formatting guidelines of an evaluation essay is as follows:

American Psychological Association (APA) formatting

APA is a formatting style developed by American Psychological Association, and most of the scientific work is formatted following this format. If APA is your desired format to write this essay, you have to:

  • Use the font style Times New Roman and font size 12.
  • Double-space all your text and add the page number at the top right side of each page.
  • Give a 1-inch margin on each side of the page.
  • At the top left side of each page of the essay, give a shortened title of the essay.
  • Create a list of all your references with the name “References.”

Harvard formatting

The second formatting style most commonly used in writing essays is the Harvard formatting style. If you choose this style, you have to:

  • Give a 1-inch margin on each side of the page
  • Place the title of the essay in the centre and in capital letters
  • Align all the text of your essay to the left
  • Indent the first line of your essay by 0.5
  • Make headings and subheadings as required by the evaluation essay

Top tips for writing an evaluation essay in the school

After reading the information above, you now have a good idea of this essay and its formatting. Knowing the formatting does not guarantee that you can write this essay perfectly. To write an evaluation essay, you must have knowledge of the top tips. Hence, some top tips for writing this essay are as follows:

1. Choose a unique topic

To write this essay, you first need something to evaluate. This something could be a product, item, or service that a particular company is offering. When choosing the topic, make sure that it is unique and that no one has worked on it before. Also, go for a topic about which you already know.

2. Write a clear thesis statement

A thesis statement is the key element of any essay. So make sure that you craft a clear and concise thesis statement which explains the overall purpose of the evaluation. In this statement, also talk about the criteria you are going to use to evaluate the topic.

3. Determine the evaluation criteria

Step no. 3 asks you to determine the evaluation criteria of the essay topic. It is basically about setting the benchmarks around which your discussion on the topic will be based. For example, to evaluate a clothing brand, you can set the quality of fibre used as an evaluation criterion.

4. Give your judgment

The next step is about giving your judgement after the evaluation of the topic. Do not forget to back up your judgment with concrete shreds of evidence. The reason is that the readers do not like just talking. They want to see something concrete. If you do not know how to craft an effective and impactful judgment, you can contact essay writing services.

5. Edit and Proofread

Lastly, do not ever forget to edit and proofread your evaluation essay. When you first write it, there are many mistakes still present in your essay to be rectified. So, take a deeper look into your essay, locate the mistakes, and get rid of them.


Conclusively, this is what an evaluation essay is, and this is how you should format it based on your chosen formatting style. The tips mentioned above can also help you a lot in crafting a good essay. So, pay close attention to them and do not compromise the editing stage.

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