How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone remotely in 2021?

It is hard today to trust anyone in this modern age. With cheating being so common it is more important for a girlfriend to be able to keep an eye on their boyfriend. 

But, how can they do that? With so many apps being available on Google Playstore and App store it is now very easy to spy remotely on your boyfriend.  

Part 1: MinSpy – The Best Software to Spy on Your Boyfriend 

MinSpy is a spy app that is available both for Android and IOS users. It is very easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface. You can easily find all the features of this app. 

MinSpy is being used by millions of users and is a very trusted app. The developers behind MinSpy have been in the game for a long time and MinSpy is one of their most accomplished products. 

You can also use this App from a desktop or a laptop if that is what you prefer. MinSpy can be used to spy the messages that your boyfriend is getting remotely. It is the best App when it comes to checking the messages of other people remotely. 

Part 2: Why Should I Use MinSpy? 

There are a lot of spy apps that are available in both the Google Play Store and the App Store. So it is evident that you are wondering what is so special about MinSpy. There are certain features that make MinSpy a much better product than its competitors. 

2.1 It is a Complete Solution

  • See All kinds of Messages

MinSpy is not just a spy app for the messages of a smartphone or a Tablet. MinSpy gives you access to every kind of message on your boyfriend’s phone or tablet. You can check their social media messages, emails, and any other kinds of messages. 

  • Spy on Both Android and IOS Phones

You can use MinSpy to spy on both android and IOS Phones. For android, the smartphone or tablet needs to use OS 4.0 or upgraded versions of it. You can also use MinSpy to spy on your boyfriend’s iPhone if he uses an IOS7 version or higher. 

2.2 Data Security

  • Data of Your Boyfriend is Protected

Data is very important to protect and with most apps, you would be hesitant to install them since they are not trusted, MinSpy, however, is very different as their own team cannot view any data of their users. Only you can check the messages of your boyfriend which makes MinSpy a very secure and trustable spy app. 

  • Won’t Reflect on Your Bank Account

There will be no records of transactions with MinSpy in your bank account. MinSpy understands that the whole point of using a spy app is to keep things secret. Instead of the name MinSpy, the name of the developers would be shown in the bank receipt which won’t cause your boyfriend to be suspicious. 

2.3  Easy to Use

The best thing about using MinSpy is that it is very easy to use and literally anyone can use it. Not only that it comes with a great user interface, but you would also realize that it is so easy to use it that even an 8-year-old can use this app. 

2.4 Suitable Pricing Plans

MinSpy comes with many pricing plans. There are three different packages for both android and IOS users that you can choose from. The pricing plans are very suitable for every need and especially to keep an eye on your partner if you suspect he is cheating. 

Part 3: How Can I Use MinSpy Online?

3.1 Watch The Live Demo First

It can be overwhelming for someone who never used a spy app before to understand how this app actually works. To solve this problem MinSpy comes with a free live demo that shows the user step by step how to install MinSpy and use every feature of the app. 

3.2 Spying on Iphones Using MinSpy

You don’t need to do any initial jailbreak to be able to use MinSpy on your boyfriend’s iPhone. You can spy on any Iphones and Ipads that are using IOS7 or higher. You can use a web browser even to monitor the activity of your boyfriend. 

There are only three easy steps that you need to follow to spy on your boyfriend’s iPhone using MinSpy.

  • Create a MinSpy account and choose one of their subscription plans.
  • Verify the iCloud credentials of your boyfriend’s iPhone. 
  • Click the start button and get all monitor the messages of your boyfriend from your MinSpy dashboard using any browser of your choice. 

3.3 Spying on Android Using MinSpy

MinSpy is very easy and simple to use. You won’t need to root your phone or your boyfriend’s phone to be able to spy with MinSpy.  

However, it also works with rooted android phones too and you can get access to more additional features depending on the OS version. 

MinSpy is a bit trickier to spy on android mobiles compared to iPhones. You would need to install the app on your boyfriend’s android phone. The app is only 2 MB and it doesn’t drain any battery power.

It is true for all spy software for android but with MinSpy there is no way you would get caught. The app icon is hidden and can only be launched by a code. The app won’t give any notification to the user so your boyfriend won’t know that he is being spied on. 

The step-by-step process for spying on your boyfriend’s android phone is mentioned below.

  • You would first need to create a MinSpy account and choose one of the subscription plans for android.
  • You then have to install the MinSpy app on your boyfriend’s android phone. It will disappear instantly and can’t be seen by your boyfriend. 
  • You just need to click the start button and you can monitor the messages of your boyfriend from the MinSpy dashboard using your favorite browser. 


MinSpy is an amazing spy app and many would say it is the perfect app that can satisfy the suspicious minds of a girlfriend. It is better to know quickly if your boyfriend is cheating on you or simply hiding something from you. MinSpy is designed for being undetectable and your boyfriend won’t have any idea that he is being spied on. 


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