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How to improve your search results with SEO

With today’s globalization, people are connected like never before through the internet. A Japanese can visit a Spanish page just as an American can search for in Chinese websites. Therefore, when searching on any topic on the internet, only the first results will be displayed, while the rest will be forgotten.

Search engines work in this way: When you search for anything in your favourite search engine (Google, Firefox, Safari…) an index robot (also known by the name of the spider) collects the results with similar words related to your search and then an algorithm selects in order of keywords. That is, the keywords with which a person searches for content are those that influence the position of the web page, there is also the popularity factor, which means that once a site receives constant visits it can be considered as a page of reference, which will appear from the first options when it’s searched.

When creating a web page or a blog among others, you have to know how to choose the words well to position yourself in the first results of the search engines. But it’s not as easy as it seems. For this reason, many people go to specialized people to improve their positioning through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Pages that want to climb fast must get visits. Many companies hire SEO packages to improve their results and give a boost to their visualization. But not all services and packages are the same. The owner of the page must first know what his objective is. By objective we mean the audience, the people who will search in their browsers.

You have to know how many people may be interested, the real scope of that page. To get an idea, a website dedicated to residents of a small area won’t require the same services as a multinational company that seeks good search results in many parts of the world. That is why there are local SEO packages, national SEO packages or global SEO packages.

Focusing more on global SEO packages, these are necessary for merchants who already have a certain visualization, but want to reach new markets, for this it won’t only be necessary to create pages in different languages, but you will have to apply SEO correctly depending on whom countries or areas you focus. Without adequate search results, a brand that seeks to internationalize won’t achieve the necessary publicity to be so. For this, the global SEO packages help you create pages in different languages ​​adapting in the best way to the search behaviour of each area in which you focus.

The differences between the global SEO packages and the smaller packages like the local ones are mainly the way to optimize the searches. With the local package, searches are focused on the zone of ​​residence of your website, analyzing the highest content searched in that area, while the global SEO package focuses on expanding the page into different languages ​​and differentiates each country and its behaviour within browsers to make the page differently depending on the country but without changing its initial message.

So you must know how to choose what type of SEO your page needs and know how to choose the best professionals to do it. Giving more visibility to your page is at your fingertips.

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