How to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Photos

get more likes on instagram

Want to get more likes on Instagram? You’re not alone. If you’re posting great photos and videos on Instagram but not getting the engagement rates you want, your posting strategy might need a little tweaking. We’ve found several tried and true tactics for increasing your Instagram likes, whether your account is public or private, business or personal. Read on to learn quick and easy ways to boost your Instagram likes! To get more likes on Instagram than click here

1 Cater to your target audience. Download Article

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Create content that your followers want to see. Whether you’re running an Instagram account for your business, niche interests, or just for your friends, think about the content that brought your followers to you in the first place, and continue to improve on that content.

Don’t be repetitive, but don’t stray too far from the content that your followers have responded well to in the past.

2 Perfect your aesthetic. Download Article

Create beautiful or unique photo and video posts that people want to look at. You don’t have to have the world’s greatest camera to take awesome photos, but you’ll w photos that are dark, grainy, or improperly centered before posting them.

Take a look at your profile and see how your posts look together on the grid—do they look good together? Consider sticking to a color scheme or photographic technique to keep your brand consistent and aesthetically pleasing.

Use creative Instagram filters to make your photos stand out. Try to stick to the same one or two filters for all of your posts to keep postings consistent.

In addition to (or instead of) using Instagram filters, use other photo editing apps like Photoshop Express and Canva to make your photos picture-perfect before posting.

3 Post when Instagram users engage the most. Download Article

Instagram users are most likely to like and comment on posts at certain times of the day. If you create posts at peak engagement times, you’re likely to get more engagement. The best times to post on Instagram for maximum engagement are weekdays, from mid-morning to mid-morningternoons.[1] Instead of sharing your best content when fewer people will take notice, try posting at these peak Instagram engagement times:

  • Thursdays: Between 11 AM and 2 PM, with noon being the noon peak.
  • Fridays: Engagement is consistent between 7 AM and 2 PM.
  • Saturdays: Bright and early at 9 AM is the best time to post.
  • Sundays: Engagement is consistent between 12 PM and 8 PM, with 7 PM being the peak.

4 Share content when your followers are most active. Download Article

Peak engagement times on Instagram are only one part of the puzzle. Depending on your niche, location, and content, your followers might be on a different schedule! If you have a Creator or Business profile, you can use your Insights panel to find out when your followers use Instagram most. Just tap Insights on your profile and select the Audience tab to find out the best time to share new content with your unique followers.[2]

5 Write compelling captions. Download Article

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When you create a new post, treat the caption field with as much attention as you do the photo or video you’re sharing. Ask your followers questions, tell a quick story, or provide some fun facts to get the conversation flowing. If someone lingers on your post to read your words, they’ll be more likely to give you a like, and possibly even a comment.

If been writing long captions and not raking in the likes, try dialing the caption length back a bit—short, witty, and sweet might go over better with some audiences.

6 Work the latest trends into your posts. Download Article

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How can your latest post idea incorporate a current trend? Is there a certain song lyric or catchphrase that’s running wild in your community? Find a way to incorporate the latest topics into your posts to show your followers that you’re both relatable and hip to current events.

7 Post consistently, but don’t flood the feed. Download Article

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While it’s important to post content regularly, don’t post too much. Posting only once a day is a great way to satiate your followers without overwhelming them. If you make too many posts (or post too many similar things in a short period of tiperiodowers will be less likely to shower you with likes without deserving.

If you have a ton of photos you want to share, create carousel posts instead of posting them one by one. One by oneosts are extremely popular right now (sometimes called “photo dumps”) and are a great way to share lots of cool photos without overwhelming your followers.

8 Be relatable. Download Article

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People like content about people. Whether you have a business or personal account, telling relatable stories with your posts and captions helps people feel closer to you. For example, while posting a photo of a meal you prepared may yield a few likes because it looks delicious, you’ll get even more likes if you include a memory about the last time you prepared it, a kitchen mistake you’ve made, or your history with a particular ingredient.

9 Create Reels for your most share-worthy content. Download Article

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Instagram Reels are featured prominently throughout Instagram. When you have an idea for the perfect viral video, create it as a Reel rather than a post or Story. Reels are not only easier for users to share with their friends, but they are also displayed on users’ Explore pages, making them super easy for people to discover.

10 Use hashtags to attract new followers. Download Article

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Trending and relevant hashtags help people find your posts. When you add a hashtag to your post caption, your post will be added to the page for that hashtag, making it easier for people to stumble upon. Always use 3 to 5 relevant and/or trending hashtags in every post so people searching for or following their favorite hashtags will find your content.

Check out accounts similar to yours to see which hashtags they are using. Explore those hashtags and see if your content would be a good fit. If so, add those hashtags to your repertoire!

Niche hashtags work better than general hashtags. For example, if you’re a beauty influencer, your posts could get lost in the #beauty hashtag. Try more creative tags like #cleanbeauty, #fallbeauty, #makeupaddict, #naturalhair, or #skincaretips instead.[3]

11 Participate in the Instagram community. Download Article

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Like and comment on other people’s posts. Show Instagram users that you’re an active member of the community and they’ll respond similarly. Take the time to explore the pages of your followers, mutuals, and people with shared interests and like some of their recent posts. You’d be surprised how quickly you’ll get likes right back!

12 Share your Instagram posts on other platforms. Download Article

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Make sure your Facebook, Twitter, and blog followers aren’t missing your Instagram posts. You can embed your Instagram posts on your blog or website to give people another way to check out your photos, or just share your posts to other social media platforms. This gives everyone who follows you on social media a chance to like and comment on your Instagram content.

13 Post more videos. Download Article

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Do you mostly share still photos? Video stands out on your followers’ crowded feeds, instantly drawing their attention. If you’re not getting a lot of likes on your photos, try making creative video content to give your followers something new.

14 Pets and memes are always winners. Download Article

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Everyone loves silly animals and hilarious memes. Even if your account posts serious content, there’s always a way to work in a dog, cat, or trending meme topic to make people smile. Sharing funny or cute content from time to time is a great way to humanize your brand and make people want to tap the heart button.

15 Try your competitors’ techniques. Download Article

Find Instagram accounts similar to yours and see what their followers like. Getting an idea of what other people are doing to engage their followers can help you improve your brand and posting strategy. While you’re checking out other accounts, be sure to like and interact with other people’s content—it could get you a follow and some likes in return.

16 Run a giveaway contest. Download Article

For a quick engagement rate boost, offer a prize in exchange for likes. This is especially effective if you run a business through your Instagram account and your followers are interested in your products. Create a post that details the rules of your giveaway, and watch the likes roll in.

For example: “I’m giving away one free membership to my recipe database. To enter, like this post and comment with your favorite meal and the last time you ate it. I’ll randomly choose a winner on Wednesday at 9 AM!”

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