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How to develop an Instagram Video Strategy that Scales

Are you hoping to improve your Instagram presence and attract more users with compelling video content? 

In the current digital era, a solid Instagram video strategy can make all the difference in building your brand and differentiating it from the competition. But where do you even begin? In order to help you advance your social media presence, we’ll look at the essential components of creating an efficient Instagram video plan that scales in this blog post. 

How to Post Instagram Videos More Frequently in Less Time: A Short-Form Production Workflow in 6 Easy Steps.

1. Create a calendar for Instagram content

Your Instagram account serves as a kind of digital portfolio for your business, exhibiting its aesthetic, tone, and core principles. What happens, though, if you don’t know what to post? An Instagram content calendar can help with that. You can make sure you consistently publish a combination of image articles and videos in different formats by planning your content ahead of time.

You can use any tool that works best for you to build your Instagram content schedule, whether that’s a paper calendar or a digital planning app.

However, how can you choose the right format for your content? Interviews, lifestyle content, and product demonstrations are examples of the kind of polished content that works best for reels. On the other hand, stories allow for a combination of images and brief videos, making them ideal for behind-the-scenes material or excerpts from events.

2. Create a Strong Storyboard for Your Instagram Stories and Short Videos.

Every Instagram reel or story is a distinct piece of content that tells a story, so you should plan and storyboard your videos in advance to develop an engaging narrative.

You need a captivating message and a clear concept to make a great short-form video. Start by stating the main point you want your audience to remember. Next, divide the narrative into its beginning, middle, and end. Reel movies can last up to 90 seconds, although shorter videos are ideal for recycling material throughout Instagram.

Don’t forget to include crucial information such as the audio track, actors, and props you’ll require to realise your idea. Sketching up the cover design for reels is also crucial, especially if you intend to make a different graphic.

Use the same platform to plan your short-form videos and make notes on specific requirements if you already use a digital content calendar. You may save time and ensure that your short-form films’ messaging and tone are consistent by creating a well-thought-out storyboard.

3. Compose copy for Instagram Reels and Stories

For Instagram stories and reels, writing engaging prose can be just as vital as creating visually appealing content. To begin, match the copy to the main idea and objectives of each piece of content. Always keep your intended audience in mind, as well as the message you hope to get across.

Take time and text style into account while producing text overlays. To make the text stand out and draw the viewer’s eye, experiment with various fonts and colours.

To get your viewers interested in reels, create captions with a distinct call to action. To increase your chances of connecting with the intended audience, don’t forget to incorporate pertinent keywords. The maximum number of hashtags you can add is 30, however, it’s recommended to limit the number and prioritise quality over quantity.

4. Production of Batch Short-Form Instagram Videos

Your Instagram content strategy may be drastically changed by batching short-form video production. You can save a lot of time and work if you prepare to make several videos at once. If you need to film comparable types of material, like product videos or interviews, this strategy is very useful.

You can increase your productivity by staying in the creative frame of mind and avoiding repeatedly using the same setup. To make sure that everything goes properly, you must schedule and plan your content development in advance.

5. Streamline Your Workflow with Organized Short-Form Asset Management

Plenty of short-form video material must be produced in order to launch a successful Instagram marketing strategy. However, even a one-person team may find it difficult to keep track of all those assets. You must therefore set up a method for classifying and archiving all of your films.

Keep all of your short-form video footage in one location, such as a cloud-based app that syncs with your local device, to ensure smooth operation. By doing this, you may easily find the information you need and access your films from anywhere.

Use a consistent naming scheme for your files and make themed folders to organise your movies to take your organisation to the next level. This makes it simple to search for specific content and swiftly browse your video library.

Linking your video assets to your content calendar will allow you to quickly see which creatives go with certain topics, which is another helpful suggestion. For instance, I can easily locate and use the appropriate clips for each storyboard or social media post by storing my video assets in Dropbox and connecting it to my content calendar.

You can streamline your process and create better Instagram content while saving time and effort by organising your short-form asset management.

5. Edit Videos in Bulk for Instagram

Creating raw content outside of Instagram and then editing it with filters, effects, transitions, and other visual components during the editing process can provide your team with the most chances for repurposing content across stories, reels, and other platforms. It’s an excellent method to keep organised, save time, and maintain a steady flow of creative ideas.

The ideal way to edit short-form videos is in batches. Batching edits can help you get in the zone and produce content that flows together naturally, whether you’re producing it for a month’s worth of content or a campaign with a specific theme. Additionally, it is far more effective than editing videos one at a time.

You might need one, two, or even more programmes to complete the modifications you need to make. 

When you’re through editing, use the Instagram app to add any text-based components, like captions and text overlays. In order to increase searchability and assist Instagram deliver your content to the proper audience, Instagram officially advises adding these components to the app. Use your imagination and the resources at your disposal to make your videos unique.


Always keep up with the most recent trends and industry best practices, and don’t be hesitant to try new things and experiment. You can perfect the craft of producing Instagram video content with perseverance and hard effort, elevating your brand’s social media profile.

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