How can I fix the HP printer not printing error?

wps pin on hp printer

HP is a top printer manufacturer and is well-known for its affordable devices. These devices are easy to use and have a simple interface. The new HP printers can be multifunctional. You can print and scan documents from one device. These printers are extremely robust and simple to use. An HP printer can have some problems, just like any other hardware. The printer will stop printing if it detects an error.

HP printer printing problems can be attributed to several factors

  1. HP printer services do not work
  2. Some files that are printer-related get corrupted
  3. The printer is not correctly connected
  4. HP printer cannot find the driver
  5. The cartridges for your printer are empty
  6. The cartridge is not recognized by the HP printer
  7. The printer settings are invalid

Solutions for HP printer printing problems

Use printer troubleshooter

When certain printer-related files on your computer aren’t working, HP printers may become unusable. These files can be affected by any issue with the device. You can easily repair these files using a printer problem shooter tool. Search for a troubleshooter program on your Windows computer. Click on the Printer in the troubleshooter tab. Run the tool from your device. It will search for corrupted files in your printer. The tool will repair corrupted files and show you the reports. Your HP printer will print your documents if the report has a “Fixed”.

Restart your HP printer

Sometimes, HP printers make an error and stop printing. Your HP printer won’t be able to print documents if you don’t have these services. You must restart these services in order to print out copies. You can restart printer services by resetting the printer. However, a simple restart might not be enough to restart the services. Try power-restarting your device. When the printer is turned on, go to the HP printer. Once it is off, eject the power cable. After waiting 10 seconds, reconnect the cable to your printer. After the HP printer powers on, all printer services will begin running again. Send a print command to the printer connected.

Connect the HP printer

If the printer connection is not working properly, HP printers will stop working. There are many reasons why the printer connection may be affected. If the printer stops working, make sure to check the connection immediately. Most printers are connected to a computer via a cable. Check for damage by removing the cable from both devices. Use a USB port to connect if the cable appears fine. If you use a loose USB port, connection problems can also occur. You should replace the damaged cable if it appears to be inoperable. Only use high-speed cables for this connection. Then connect the printer to the computer using a high-speed USB cable.

Verify the WPS pin of the wireless printer connection

You should verify that your HP printer is wirelessly connected by entering a WPS pin. If the printer cannot connect to the router with a WPS pin, it will cause a connection error. The WPS pin on hp printer to fix the problem. The router should be restarted after you have disabled Wi-Fi from your HP printer. Your printer will begin searching for SSIDs from nearby devices when you enable Wi-Fi. Wait for your router’s SSID to appear on the list. Enter the password and choose the correct SSID. Connect to the network and go to any other device. Check for printing problems by connecting the device to an HP printer

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Examine the HP printer driver

If the driver is not found, your HP printer will not work. An HP driver is required for your connected device. If you don’t have the driver, your printer will not understand the print command. Check your computer for the HP printer driver. Install the driver if you do not have it. You should check the driver CD that came with your printer. You can use the CD to install the driver. Visit the HP printer website. Look for the driver for your HP printer model. Connect the printer to your computer by installing the driver. Wait until the driver is recognized by the printer. Send the print job now and then take your printouts.

Update/repair your HP printer driver

If the HP printer driver has become corrupted or out of date, a printing error will occur. Check the printer driver. Click on the HP printer driver in the driver’s folder. Click on the Update option to open the Update menu. Wait for the Update to be completed. Run a driver repair program if the printer driver has been corrupted. This tool can repair all drivers on your computer. You can also reinstall the HP printer driver if you don’t own a driver repair tool. Reinstall the printer driver that has been corrupted. Check for errors by connecting the HP printer.

Install a new cartridge for your HP printer

If the cartridge is empty, the printer will not print the documents. Check the cartridge status by going to the printer. Install a new cartridge to the printer if any cartridge is empty. Remove the protective plastic clip before installing a new cartridge. Sometimes, users forget to take out the protective plastic clip before installing a new cartridge. If you use a clone cart, your printer may have issues. The clone cartridges are recognized by a few printer models. Refill your cartridges, then put them in the printer. You can wait until you locate the cartridges before printing.

Install the cartridges again

Verify that the cartridges have been installed correctly. If a cartridge shows an error, eject it and reinstall it onto the printer. This error is most common when you insert a refilled cartridge. You can fix this error by removing all cartridges from the printer. Take your refilled cartridge out of the printer and place it in a new slot. Wait for the slot status to change. Then, eject all refilled cartridges from the slot and then install all cartridges according to instructions. The refilled cartridges will be read by your printer along with other cartridges.

Reset your HP printers

You can undo any settings that have caused the connection error. If the connection settings are incorrect, this error will appear. These settings must be changed. You can manually reverse the settings if you are familiar with the default printer settings. If you are unable to remember the settings on your HP printer, you can use the reset option. Click on the Reset option in the menu. Click on the Reset All button and then click the OK button. It will take some time for the printer to reset. Your HP printer now runs on factory settings. Now, connect your HP printer to your PC.

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