Guide To Using Reverse Image Search For Investigations

The Internet has become a source of information for the world. Whether it is news or something new, everyone rushes to the Internet to verify them.

However, it is also true that everything on the Internet is not always true.

Scammers often steal and manipulate data and publish that seem real and are shared by the public without any verification.

Theft crimes are increasing day by day on the Internet. Especially the works of artists and pictures shared on social media can be easily stolen by online scammers and can be published after manipulation.

Therefore, it is important to run an investigation to verify the authenticity of a picture and see if your work or personal images are not used without your permission.

With reverse image search, it has now become easy to find out the original source of a picture and to see where the stolen pictures are being used on the Internet. 

Reverse image search is a search engine feature that allows users to find similar images and the source of an image by using the image or its URL.

This article will discuss some of the best reverse image search tools for investigations and how to use them for investigation.

Best Reverse Image Search Tools And Guide To Use Them:

Several tools are available on the Internet that anyone can easily access. To use a reverse image search tool, no technical background is required.

These tools have a user-friendly interface and provide results by entering an image or URL. The tool will then crawl the web to provide related search results.

Some of the best Reverse image search tools that can be used for investigation t are as follows.

  • Yandex Images
  • Bing Images
  • Reverse Image Search Pro
  • Google Images
  • TinEye

Yandex Images:

Yandex is one of the best Reverse image search tools online for investigations. The main feature that makes it unique from other tools is the ability to recognize faces and landscapes accurately in photos.

It is more accurate than google and bing in facial recognition ability. It provides the best match image results according to the provided image’s pixels, colours and elements.

To use Yandex for reverse image search, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the Yandex Images website at
  2. Translate the page into the English language.
  3. Click on the camera icon in the right corner of the search bar.
  4. Now you can drag an image, select it from your device, or use the image url.
  5. After that, click on Find, and Yandex will provide you with the best match results and the image’s original source.

It also provides other images with different backgrounds of the same person in the image. So, using the Yandex images search engine, you can use your photo or your work image to find out if they have been used on any other part of the intent without your permission.

Bing Images:

Bing is another reverse image search tool for  finding an image’s source and identifying fake images.

Bing has a vast library of images, making it a good option for finding similar images across the web.

To do a reverse image search on bing, follow these steps.

  1. Visti Bing Images Webiste.
  2. Click on the camera option on the search bar.
  3. Upload or drag the picture from your device or use its URL and make a new one by taking a new picture.
  4. Bing will analyze its vast database and show you the best match results according to the provided image.

It will show the web pages on which the picture is used and its similar images. You can crop the image and choose its specific part to narrow your search further.

It will also show the number of pages using the image and the sizes in which it is available on the internet.

Reverse Image Search Pro:

Reverse Image Search Pro is amazing when looking at a reverse image search tool for investigation.

To use reverse image search pro, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the Official website
  2. Unlike other reverse image tools, it allows you to search by keyword. You can also search by uploading the image from the device, dragging the image, or using its URl.
  3. It will ask you for different image search engines to get the results.
  4. Once you choose it, it will show you the most related results. 

You can find visually similar images and their sources using reverse image search pro.  

With this tool, you find accurate images involving facial and landscape elements. It wil help to find where your picture or your work image has been used on the internet without your permission.After finding out, you can report it or claim copyright.

Google Images:

Google is another good option if you are looking for similar images and the original source of the Image, but it will not work well for facial recognition.

Google images also provide results by using the Image or its URL, and it is uploaded like other search engines.

Google have a library of billions of images from millions of websites present on the web and provides the best-matched results by analyzing its vast database.

With Google images, you can find the original source of the Image and the different versions or similar images used on different websites on the internet.

To use Google images on mobile, you have to enable the desktop version; otherwise, you will not be able to use it on mobile.


TinEye is One of the Earliest tools used for reverse image search. It works amazingly great for online investigation and provides the best-matched results of the Image.

TinEye has a large database of 57.8 billion images and continuously crawls the web for new images and indexes them in its database.

It has a user-friendly interface and provides the most related results along with its original source.

It also provides the option to filter the search results by using the filters of best matched, Most changed, Biggest images, Newest and oldest mages.

To use TinEye follow these steps.

  1. Visit the official TinEye website. 
  2. Upload the Image from your device or paste its Url.
  3. TinEye will crawl its database in seconds and provides you with the related results.

Along with the original source, it will also show the modified form of the Image as well as the websites on which they are used.


Reverse image search tools are a great way to do online investigations for copyrighted images.

There is various tool on the internet. Some best reverse image search tools are Yandex images, Bing images, Reverse Image Search Pro, Google, Images and TinEye.

Each of them has its own advantage and unique features. It is up to you to use them and find the best one for you. We have discussed them in detail with you. Go and check them out.

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