Get Tagged by Other Facebook Pages

Getting organic shout outs from larger Pages on Facebook can assist you in gaining more Facebook fans.

To be praised for being featured, search for companies that frequently feature their customers or other non-competing companies on social media platforms.

Select those brands with an audience similar to yours or are at least somewhat similar.

For example, if you are a retailer of watches, you could post a photo of your watch and a brand’s sunglasses and include the brand name in the image. This might encourage them to share the blog with their followers.

Here’s an illustration from Samsung sharing a photo they took by their smartphone, which a user shared via their Facebook Page click here.

Use Automation Tools to Boost Your Activity

Marketing automation can help you get Facebook followers.

How? It’s not possible to increase Facebook likes if you don’t publish anything on Facebook. Also, managing an online store can be a lot of work. Therefore, sometimes things like posting to Facebook go unnoticed.

Do you only have 20 minutes per week for marketing on social media? Utilize an automation tool to create the posts for the next few days in advance.

It is possible to add images of products in your blog with the link to the website, an article you’ve written, or even a funny image or video you’ve found on the internet (with the proper credit, obviously).

If you are aware that each Friday at 5 pm, you must plan posts for the week following, It lets you work on projects with a more significant impact the following week.

You share content on Facebook more often, and the a better chance you’ll get more Facebook followers.

Add a Facebook Like Widget

If you want to boost Facebook followers, then the most efficient method to increase the number of Facebook likes on your online store is to implement the Facebook Like Widget by Widgets.

The free Shopify application adds a similar icon to specific pages of your store, like pages about products.

It will also let shoppers know who are also fans of your page, which gives you some social proof that will help you gain more Facebook fans.

If you’re only beginning to find out how to increase the number of followers on Facebook, This tool for free helps keep growing your Facebook following for you.

Add Your Social Media Links to Your Website

You’ll be amazed how many brand new store owners don’t add their social media profiles to their websites.

Your social icons may be located in the footer, header, or sidebar menu based on the theme you’re using.

If you’d like to emphasize their position, you can make contact with a Shopify Expert or contact Hey Carson to get some small development work completed.

Email Your List

If you’re looking to learn how to increase the number of people who follow Facebook, you can try using your email list.

You can include social media icons (including Facebook) in all your emails or directly send your list an email and ask them to join the Facebook page.

If you’re not creating an email list but have customers who’ve signed up to receive marketing emails, you can send emails to them to boost Facebook likes.

You’ll find the email list within Your Shopify account under the Customers tab, then Email Subscribers.

Create More Video Content

Are you looking for ways to gain Facebook likes? Consider video marketing.

Videos on Facebook typically receive more engagement than text-based posts or pictures. In turn, more people will see your posts.

The more people who view your content or Facebook likes you receive, the greater the likelihood that new potential Facebook followers will discover your content.

The key to gaining new followers isn’t just about gaining followers, but rather, it’s about creating your reputation. Creating consistently good content with a well-known format can help you create an even bigger following.

So, if you’re trying to boost Facebook likes, it will be necessary to boost your video strategy for content.

Engage Your Community

Most e-commerce brands do not interact directly with customers. Even the tiniest retailer has a massive competitive edge.

Engaging with your community isn’t just about providing customer support, like answering questions regarding delivery times. It’s also about establishing connections. There’s no better way to build relationships than to be fun or respond to the degree that customers feel like they’re having a chat with their friends.

Netflix is an excellent example of a company on Facebook which regularly interacts with its customers. The comments they post are usually funny, which is why you are compelled to interact with the company.

If you regularly engage with those you follow, they could be influenced to follow you.

Hashtag It Up

While “hashtag” is what makes people think of Twitter or Instagram, you can boost the number of followers on Facebook by making use of hashtags within posts on Facebook. Facebook posts.

In the case of hashtags, There are two primary methods. You can use a literal hashtag, such as #fashion, for a post about fashion or hashtags targeted towards the audience, as Sephora uses.

It’s not about fitness inspiration. Sephora’s post isn’t really about”#fitspo” (fitness inspiration). However, they may have employed the hashtag to draw customers looking for fitness motivation to their brand.

In this instance, the hashtag is helping Sephora to reach an entirely new audience through their content, and this audience could turn into Facebook followers.

Offer a Coupon for Liking Your Facebook Page

The purpose of gaining Facebook users is to increase sales. Using this Facebook Likes Popup app, you can give customers discounts if they like your page.

Not only do you receive a potential new audience member, but also the purchaser can use coupon codes to receive discounts on their purchases.

This app with an exit intention is ideal for people who want to get the social proof they need on their Facebook page and possibly make a few sales.

Get Tagged by Customers

After the product is given to the customer, send them an email (if they agree to market) and request them to tag you when they share their photos.

People frequently share their goods on social media. Getting the attention of customers could assist in getting more Facebook fans… as well as increase sales.

The pull of the audience will be less, but word-of-mouth marketing is more effective because it’s genuine.

Here’s the scoop about how you can increase your number of followers on Facebook.

Several significant changes have occurred at Facebook in the last couple of months, but it does not mean that Facebook is any less of a force.

It’s the most used social network. Also, their 2.60 billion active monthly users aren’t a joke.

These users could become massive growth opportunities if you played your cards correctly.

I hope that some of these tips will allow you to increase the number of followers on Facebook you have to achieve your goals in business.


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