Best Ways to Get Diamonds in Roblox Royale High

Roblox royal high game

Roblox’s popular fantasy and RPG title, Royale High, is now available. Their talented developers are known for creating stunning 3D models and hairstyles. Fans also help to create makeup illustrations, hair textures, and fabric designs that can be used for the clothes.

Below are the ways to Get  Diamond in Roblox Royal High Game

Yes, the most beautiful tops, skirts, and shoes can be quite costly! To create the perfect outfit, you will need a lot of diamonds. This guide will help you find the right shoes for you.

1. Computer Daily Log-in

Every day you can earn diamonds by using your computer desk at home. This is a must-do daily task. The diamonds you get will increase in value each day if you don’t lose your daily log-in streak.

  • Go to your apartment
  • Recline on the computer desk chair
  • Wait for your avatar to type. The monitor screen will display your daily streak as well as the diamonds that you have earned for the day.

2. Lucky Spin Wheel and Fountain of Dreams

You can also get items and diamonds from the Spin Wheel. You will sometimes only get diamonds, as some items are very rare. You can only spin one time per day.

  • Teleport to Earth
  • Just walk straight from the spawn area to the spin wheel.
  • You will win the prize if you click the wheel.
  • Teleport to Divinia Park
  • Click on the fountain to make a wish. You can get a halo or XP, some diamonds, or all of them.

3. Collect seashells, diamonds, and hearts

There are many diamonds that you can find all around the Earth, Sunset Island, and Enchantix High realms. These realms contain icons for heart, shell, and diamond. Each icon represents a different color. Pink has 1 diamond and yellow has 20 diamonds.

  • Go to a realm
  • Fly around
  • You’ll instantly get the diamond if you fly into a shell, heart, or diamond icon.
  • Seashells can be found on Sunset Island, Diamond Beach, and Royale High Campus 2. Enchantix High is home to diamonds. There are also hearts on Earth and Royale High campuses 2.

4. Participate in the Sunset Island Pageant

Are you a fan of dressing up as Royale High? Do you enjoy dressing up in Royale High? If so, then the pageant is for you. All players on that server can vote for the winners by creating an outfit based on the theme. Even if your outfit doesn’t win you will still earn diamonds.

  • Sunset Island is a great place to visit
  • Sign up for the pageant by going to the sign-up board. You will be disqualified from the pageant if you do not sign up.
  • Your best look will be based on this theme
  • Vote for 3 players you wish to win when it comes time to vote. Voting is limited to 3 players. For each vote, you earn 30 diamonds
  • Both winners and non-winners can earn diamond

You can still vote even if you don’t have an account. You will not be awarded the 200-diamond non-winner award.

5. Play and sleep

Your energy levels decrease as you play the game. In other words, you become tired. This is a lazy way of earning diamonds. After playing the game for a while, you will be able to go to your apartment or to a realm with a sleeping bag and go to sleep. A level-up is possible by refilling your energy bar. You can earn 300 diamonds for achieving a level.

  • After you have played for a while, return to your apartment.
  • Click sleep while you stand next to the bed
  • Wait until the energy bar reaches 100%
  • When the star next to your level number fills up, you can level up and earn 300 diamonds. If you have diamond multipliers, you will earn more.
  • You can go to classes with your friends or play a game with them, but don’t forget about sleeping after a while.


Remember that consistency is essential when grinding. Continue to follow these procedures, and you will earn more. Only the most effective methods are used. To Know More about Roblox Game Click here.

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