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Facebook Messenger Chatbots vs. Other Chatbots

A Chatbot is a program developed by professionals in such a way that it uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language Processor) to:

  •  Understand the questions
  • Automate the most appropriate reply
  • Hold up the conversation just like a human. 

Chatbots are only text-based and programmed to reply to a particular set of questions with answers already input into the program when the developer made it. Chatbots operate like an interactive FAQ. Even though it worked well for those specific questions and the answers for which they programmed, it failed when asked a complex question.      

Differences between Facebook Messenger chatbots and other chatbots 

Facebook has advanced so much in this field that chatbots’ ability isn’t limited to just some basic replies. Let’s start exploring them, and believe me, you will be amazed at the results:

AI chatbots now use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to respond to users’ needs. It uses advanced AI tools to understand what the user is trying to say and then reply with the most appropriate response to the user’s query. 

Using elements of AI like machine learning and deep learning, with some nuanced differences, improves their ability to predict user’s need more accurately and respond correctly over time. Deep learning helps these AI chatbots become more efficient by building a web of correct responses through past interactions. In simpler words, this would mean the longer the AI chatbot you use, the stronger and more accurate its responses are than a recently developed program-based chatbot. 

Major difference

The biggest difference between a regular chatbot and a Facebook messenger chatbots is that the messenger API chatbot uses artificial intelligence to hold up the conversation and make it more human-like. While other chatbots only work in an FAQ manner, the Facebook Messenger API chatbot works like a human by understanding the customer’s problem or need and giving a sophisticated solution. 

Support for customers

Facebook Messenger API as a customer care executive Developers can program the chatbots to understand customer requests, analyze them, and send information accordingly, making it easier for the customer to find all the answers they need. Few businesses consider the chatbot the best customer service executive as it never gets sick, can hold conversations in multiple languages, and works 24×7 at a very affordable price. 

Cost Involved

Now, with deep learning, chatbots continuously improve themselves by giving better responses and minimizing costs. This way, they can provide efficient, easy, and quick assistance. Quick replies allow businesses to provide fast responses to customers’ questions. Chatbots are programmed to get triggered by a specific keyword or phrase and send pre-written answers to make customer support even more efficient. 

How are Facebook Messenger chatbots improving every day? 

Facebook has now opened its messenger API for Instagram to all the developers globally, making it even more beneficial for businesses. Facebook is the most used social media app, so the messenger API on Facebook will help thousands of businesses to make their customer support more efficient, quick, and personalized. It will also help them to get more sales and increase the conversion rate. It will help them collect all kinds of customer data and help them with marketing, warranty information, or even loyalty cards. Facebook also notes that 90% of Instagram users today follow at least one business, creating better and more personalized customer service for those businesses.

Link Up

Along with this, Facebook has also been working on better ways to link up its other apps and platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram Messenger, and Facebook itself so that users can interact with the businesses across any of them, which will create more traffic on their website. This integration is a significant step forward for the company because now they can leverage the wider Facebook platform. So, extending the Messenger API to Instagram was a very big move.  

Wrapping up

The Facebook messenger API is a very advanced technology application. It can boost customer service and increase sales if put to good use. Because of the messenger API, developers can easily create automated chatbots for businesses. All these give an edge to Facebook messenger chatbot compared to other chatbots. What would you prefer if you had both the options? 

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