Everything You Should Need To Know About 125cc Chinese Atv :

Chinese-made quads like the TaoTao 125cc ATV have hit it off with Yankee customers. Not solely square measure these machines are inexpensive, however, they’re conjointly glorious coaching quads for kids getting ready for or their next huge bike. During this guide, you may learn what created this hackney to grow thus common.

The TaoTao 125cc chinese atv may be a youth ATV factory-made by Tao Motor. It options a total transmission, CARB-compliant triangular converter, speed governor, composite utility racks, and a wireless engine shut-off fob. This mini 4×4 is intended for young riders sixteen years old and higher than.

More than their cheap value, TaoTao quads inched their manner into the hearts of off-roading enthusiasts because of their safety options, shocking sturdiness, and also the promise of a fun ride. however, don’t simply take my word for it. Continue reading this text and see actual capabilities of the TaoTao 125cc ATV.

125cc Atv Specs & Options:

Most of the quad’s engine configuration didn’t disagree with the 110-cc B1 (or TaoTao Boulder). However, some 2020 models raised their engine displacement to a hundred and twenty cm³ (7.32 in³). Conversely, fuel tank capability was even bent on four.2 L (1.1 United States of America gal) across all one25-cc vehicles. looking at close temperature, you’ll choose SAE 5W-30, 10W-30, or 10W-40 gas variants for any of those quads. artificial engine oil is additionally permissible.

  • Drivetrain:

For most models, power travels to the wheels via a centrifugal clutch assembly and an automatic or semi-automatic transmission with neutral and reverse. A single-configuration/three-way convertor makes the vehicle CARB-compliant. A speed circuit slows down the machine to as low as 5 (5) mph (perfect for beginner riders). A wireless engine shut-off remote permits adults to intervene ought to their children be driving too quick.

  • Ignition:

An electronic CDI and AC-Magneto generator power up TaoTao 125cc ATVs. The wheeler needs YTX5L-BS batteries like Yuasa AGM Maintenance-Free YTX5L-BS Batteries (view on Amazon). however you’ll use YTX4L-BS battery formats as a replacement – provided they are available with 20-mm spacers to complete the peak distinction. 

  • Tires & Brakes:

Allowing the child quad to traverse various parcels of land square measure tubeless knobbies mounted on steel wheels. 68.9 kPa (0.70 kgf-cm2, ten psi) is that the most counseled pressure once seating tire beads. Similarly, don’t go below twenty seven.5 kPa (0.28 kgf-cm2, four psi) once airing down tires for higher flotation and improved grip on dirt roads and dunes. 

  • Suspension:

To complete the shortage of rebound damping, the TaoTao 125-cm3 quads supply generous suspension travel – each front and rear. whereas this feature makes for a lot of stable ride, some oldsters realize it is too stiff for terribly young riders. .


The TaoTao 125cc ATV boasts of tons of things. It’s one among the few youth ATVs with a hydraulic brake, 3-speed shifter, wireless engine kill switch fob, and an American state inexperienced Sticker. For 0.5 the value of a big-name child quad, the 4×4 is comparably jazzy, reliable, and fast. It will have many snags and will not be the most effective at school on rough surfaces and technical trails. however it performs remarkably on dirt roads, sand, and woody trails

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