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eClinicalWorks EMR

Do not compare vendors in an incorrect way. It will only waste your time and cause you to lose valuable time. We have compared EpicCare to eClinicalWorks in this article. They are two of the most widely used EMR systems in the globe.

EpicCare VS eClinicalWorks – An overview:

EpicCare EMR is designed for large ambulatory healthcare facilities. It has many modules that cover many specialties and ancillaries. These include infertility and oncology, radiology, and radiology. EpicCare EMR is used by community hospitals, pediatric groups, and independent practices as well as academic medical facilities and other organizations. Epic currently provides electronic records to more than a quarter of a million patients.

The goal of eClinicalWorks EMR was to create a complete platform that can be used as a single source for all doctors. The software integrates the revenue cycle, practice management, and EHR components. This ensures that all tasks are effectively managed. It eliminates errors and allows clinicians to review the entire database from one location. eClinicalWorks’ distinctive features are designed to ensure client satisfaction.

EMR: What are the benefits? EpicCare VS EClinicalWorks

Epic Systems’ EpicCare electronic health record (EMR), can be used by large hospitals and healthcare organizations. EpicCare is managed by a team within the company. The modules include dashboards that combine and display clinical and financial indicators.  EpicCare offers a patient portal as well as e-prescribing functions, which are part of Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements. It also supports tablet and mobile devices and supports telemedicine options, which allows doctors to communicate with patients via video.

EpicCare MyChart provides a customized portal for patients to view their medical data, communicate with doctors, schedule appointments, and keep track of their medical history. Clinics can streamline their workflows by using EpicCare’s customized dashboards, specialty apps, and custom displays. Clinics can track bills, payments, and invoices through the finance section of EpicCare. EpicCare, a mobile-ready application that gives doctors and patients access to data stored on Apple devices, is mobile-friendly.

The complex Mechanism of the Software:

eClinicalWorks combines practice management with an electronic health record (EHR). Clinicians have access to tools such as Telehealth, patient participation, personalized messaging campaigns, and population health data. They can also set up reminders. EClinicalWorks software provides customizable documentation options, trend analysis, structured data capture, and data capture for different medical specialties. The Patient Hub allows clinicians to access all parts of the patient record. Eva is a virtual assistant that physicians can access through eClinicalWorks Version 11.

Eva may assist with reviewing patient records, including data flowsheets and details from the Progress Note tool. V11 also includes a self-service patient portal and the Healow app, Messenger, and online appointment scheduling. V11 also includes a self-service patient portal, the Healow app, Messenger, online appointment scheduling, and other features. Clinical staff can keep track of patient activity, vital signs, and progress via the eClinicalWorks Healow application, which records patient-recorded data using home monitoring devices patients can use or wear. eClinicalWorks can be accessed via a web browser, smartphone, or iPad.

EMR Pricing Comparison EpicCare VS. EClinicalWorks

There is not any pricing information available online for EpicCarE EMR. Prices for Epic EMR plans start at $200 per provider and go up to $500 per year. This is approximately $1200 annually. eClinicalWorks Pricing can also be purchased for $599/month, with additional capabilities. The initial monthly cost of this EMR is $449.00. Unfortunately, neither the EMR nor its version offers a free trial.

User Review- EpicCareVS EClinicalWorks


  • Epic’s ability to offer its customers a broad range of features in healthcare settings makes Epic extremely flexible. Recent upgrades make it easier to set up patient orders. Epic handles everything, from medication reconciliation and appointment scheduling to the arrangement of encounters to medical history.
  •  This facilitates and improves consistent treatment.
  • It is easy to navigate the EpicCare EMR. You can also view customized options and have a variety of utility options. It can also recall your previous orders so it is easy to place new orders.
  • Customer support/service doesn’t care much about user-friendly adjustments when it comes to basic chores. Downtime can also cause problems if a service is required to be performed during business hours. This has happened several times.
  •  These features can cause crashes, freezes, and errors frequently.
  • Although EpicCare EMR can be searched, it might sometimes be difficult to find what you are looking for.


  • If two patients have the same or similar names, the search patient tool will warn you. It is easy to accidentally click on an incorrect patient. The sensible organization of the chart papers makes it easy to find the document you are looking for. As soon as you choose the patient, the date of your most recent and subsequent visits are displayed. Printing is also easy to set up and works well.
  • The program was easy to use. It is easy to order and e-prescribe drugs. There is some learning involved, but once you feel comfortable with the application it is easy to use.
  • Eligibility verification can be done without having to visit another program. It is easy to filter through claims using patient charts.
  • The semi-prepopulated progress notes may contain information that you didn’t mean to include.
  • The health care maintenance checks were lacking in many areas. E-prescribing can be difficult when selecting a location.
  • If you call to ask for a ticket, it is likely that the person calling you is from India. EBO reports can be difficult to comprehend.

Limitations – EpicCare Vs. EClinicalWorks :

Here are some EpicCare drawbacks.

  • Navigating in a photo or lab is difficult.
  • Limited capacity for printing, manipulating, and exporting data
  • Complex features can lead to a difficult user experience
  • Subpar technical and customer support

eClinicalWorks Limitations

Voici quelques-unes of the restrictions on product:

  • There is an additional charge for the integrated practice management module.
  • It is mandatory to make a minimum commitment of 5 years
  • Not updating certain aspects promptly, such as the patient portal.
  • There is no native application to handle payments.
  • It does not have e-fax capabilities (partnership with Dialogic).

Which EMR should you choose? EpicCare VS eClinicalWorks

This comprehensive eClinicalWorks vs. epic comparison chart can be greatly helpful to physicians when making a decision.

Based on the most important medical features, eClinicalWorks vs. Epic. eClinicalWorks provides appointment management, charting, and E/M coding. It also offers handwriting recognition, HIPAA compliance, voice recognition, and a patient portal. EpicCare EMR features include appointment management, voice recognition, patient portals, and voice recognition. EpicCare EMR costs more than eClinicalWorks. eClinicalWorks can be used by doctor’s offices and ACOs as well as outpatient clinics and other health facilities of all sizes. EpicCare EMR targets large businesses.

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