10 Reasons to Use a Licensed Concrete Contractor in Portland, OR

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Why are you choosing to work with a licensed concrete contractor in Portland, OR? Is it because you’re planning on expanding the infrastructure of your home or business? Or are you simply remodeling and want to upgrade the concrete in your kitchen, bathroom, or another important space? Regardless of why you need concrete contractors in Portland, there are plenty of reasons to choose one who is licensed as opposed to one who doesn’t have this certification. Here are 10 great ones!

1) Accreditation

Oregon law states that anyone offering or performing concrete work for hire must be licensed by the Department of Consumer and Business Services. Anyone who violates this requirement is guilty of a Class C misdemeanor. This includes homeowners that want to use their own concrete instead of hiring a contractor.

Luckily, Quality Mix also offers certification courses and exams that allow its employees to apply for licensing on behalf of the company as long as they meet the eligibility requirements.

2) Proper Insurance

A concrete contractor’s insurance can vary depending on their location and the risks that come with operating in that area. If your contractor does not have insurance that is appropriate for your region, they may be at risk of incurring significant losses from lawsuits and fires if anything were to happen. For more Information

3) Experience with Projects Like This

Whether you need new concrete or want to add or replace your sidewalk, we have the experience and know-how needed for your project. We’ll make sure that you get quality service at a fair price so that you can focus on running your business.

4) State Licensure

Oregon’s Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) requires licensure before any contractor may perform any construction activity on the public right-of-way. Any person who wishes to become licensed as a general contractor must also pass an examination based on the Oregon Residential Specialty Code or Commercial Specialty Code. Upon passing the examination and meeting all other requirements for licensure, you will be issued an appropriate license by DCBS.

5) Quality Assurance

This is where a licensed concrete contractor will provide you with the best workmanship and complete the project correctly the first time. With any construction job, it’s important to make sure all safety precautions are taken. Licensing for building contractors assures the public that their professionals are held accountable for their actions. Additionally, licensure ensures that workers are qualified and have adequate training in order to complete projects safely.

6) Pride of Workmanship

-We treat your property like it is our own

-Your satisfaction is our top priority

-In business for more than 40 years

-Family owned and operated

-Licensed concrete contractors who pride themselves on excellent customer service

7) Warranty Options Available

Licensed concrete contractors provide warranties for homeowners’ peace of mind. While not every company offers them, you’ll want to be sure to ask about them when you’re doing your research. This can give you the protection and confidence that your work is done well and is protected from damage from things like stains and mildew. For example, an aluminum silicate-based sealer will offer this protection by chemically reacting with alkalis such as those found in common household cleaners, paint thinners and detergents.

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8) Free Estimates on Materials and Installation

Quality materials and installation are an important part of every concrete project. However, with so many companies competing for your business, quality is something that is often sacrificed. One way to protect yourself from sub-par materials or installations is by using a licensed concrete contractor for all of your needs. A professional will provide you with both the high-quality material and installation that you deserve when it comes time for your next project.

9) Personalized Service and Communication

Working with an experienced and licensed concrete contractor will be the best decision you ever make. You will receive personalized service from someone who is looking out for your best interests. Your contractor can provide professional project planning as well as site coordination. The experienced contractor will work closely with you through the entire process of setting up and executing your project on time and within budget. Communication is key! The project may seem overwhelming at first but when you have an experienced team that cares about your success, it’s going to feel like nothing!

10) Other Benefits

Concrete is one of the most important materials when it comes to home building. This can be seen in every type of construction, from driveways and sidewalks to patios and pool decks. Since concrete lasts so long and can create such beautiful things for your property, it’s worth getting this work done right. When you hire licensed contractors, you will find they are more reputable and reliable than unlicensed contractors.

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