Common Fiber Internet Issues

Fiber internet is known to deliver ultrafast speeds that you can’t get with any other internet connection type. It establishes a reliable connection with your device that ensures a smooth online experience for its users. 

Since it makes use of fiber-optic cables, its upload and download speeds are equivalent; hence, it works more efficiently than a cable internet connection. However, fiber internet comes with a set of downsides, which can impact the quality of connection you get. So, if you are interested in knowing the common issues associated with fiber internet, then keep reading this article till the end!

Problems with Fiber-Optic Internet

While fiber internet is popular for its seamless connectivity that does not disrupt by any sort of physical obstruction, it can be vulnerable to other issues that can interfere with your connection. By signing up for Windstream, you can minimize the risk of potential damage to your fiber-optic cable wires, which may arise with other internet providers. 

Let’s understand what can go wrong with your fiber-optic internet connection:

External Damage

Fiber-optic cables can undergo damage in a variety of ways. If there is a forceful jerk, bent, or heavy weight put on the fibers, then they can undergo a high level of stress, which can further lead to many issues. 

On the other hand, if the wire gets contaminated, faulty, or requires too much equipment, it can mess up your signal strength. Similarly, if the wires contain dust, damage, scratches, or become subject to a change of temperature, then this can minimize the speeds it delivers. 

Another sign that your fiber-optic cable has undergone damage is its appearance examined under a fiber optic tracer. If the LED light shines from the two ends of the cable, then this means that your fiber-optic cables are in normal condition without any damage. But, if you can’t see the light coming from both ends, then it is time for you to get in touch with a professional technician to fix your connection issues.


Fiber-optic cables can be susceptible to damage when stretched too much. Even if you are trying to extend the cable to another room or the corner of your house, there is a chance that its delicate components may undergo damage, which can significantly impact its longevity. So, before you establish your fiber internet connection, make sure it has the right length that allows it to extend from one point to another without overstretching.   

Broken Fibers

Sometimes, the damage does not show up in the fiber-optic’s physical appearance; however, it can be just as damaging as any other issue. One of the most common issues includes broken fibers. This is because the fiber-optic cable is made from glass, and it can be quite fragile; hence, you can’t tie a knot, crimp, or smash the cable as it can take a toll on its lifespan.


With a fiber internet connection, you need to ensure that the length of your fiber-optic cable matches the distance from point A to point B, without any difficulty. Or else, it can become subject to excessive bending or twisting, which can affect its overall length. 

So, we recommend you use a measuring tape to determine the length of your wall and the distance between the source of your fiber-optic cable to its destination. In case your existing fiber-optic cable does not meet your length requirement, then you may need to get it replaced by a professional technician at your earliest.

Signs That You May Experience Issues Related to Fiber-Optic Cable

Since it can be quite tricky to spot the damage from the get-go, you can still figure out if something is wrong with your fiber cables due to changing conditions. We have shortlisted some of the common signs you should watch out for:

  • Your desktop computer, smart TV, or any internet-enabled device that is mounted on the wall is moved to another place or room within the house.
  • You have disconnected a device from the internet that was previously connected using a fiber-optic cable wire.
  • Your PC’s hardware has been changed due to an upgrade, reconnection, contamination, disconnection, or any sort of physical damage.
  • You have recently moved the furniture in your house, causing damage to your fiber-optic cable with physical stress.
  • Your telephone lines have been repaired lately, resulting in network issues. 

In such situations, we recommend you go for a fiber internet connection that guarantees a reliable service that does not disrupt by just any obstruction in the way. With Windstream internet, you don’t need to worry about connectivity issues due to any type of physical damage. 

The Bottom Line

No matter which internet provider you go for, your fiber internet connection can be vulnerable to various problems that can disrupt its performance. It is not limited to signal strength, as it can leave its mark on the speeds you get, which can interfere with your online activities. Therefore, it is always a good idea to choose an internet provider that offers stable internet speeds and promises to provide an uninterrupted connection under any circumstances. 

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