Best Nintendo 64 Emulator for PC, Android, Windows, Mac

Best Nintendo 64 Emulator

Best Nintendo 64 EmulatorNintendo 64 is one of the popular emulators when it was used by many developers. Acquiring a working N64 is not too hard but finding the cartridges for a reasonable price is not easy to find every time.

The easiest method for playing the N64 game is through emulators. So we decided to list out some of the best N64 emulators for PC and Android systems.

Best Nintendo 64 Emulator

Best Nintendo 64 Emulator

Project 64

This is one of the best emulators available on the market. It is suitable for windows and it is not for android systems. It is most the most popular emulator because it is easy to use and the operating system of this emulator is smooth.

It also has the benefit of being open source. It can fix bugs both small and large. the new version of this emulator has cleaned up the need for installation of an additional video or audio plugins. If you are using this emulator then you don’t have to download the glide64 video plugin separately.

This emulator allows you to play with USB controllers, features save states and even lets you play with high-resolution textures. The only downside of this emulator comes with audio, which can sometimes be inconsistent.

Mupen 64 Plus

This emulator can be used for windows, mac, Linux as well as android. It is not easy to use like the last one but it does deliver a better audio experience. We suggest using this emulator as it gives you a better experience than the last one.

It does not have a user interface instead you can boot up ROMs through the command line. In this emulator, developers fit the additional plugin which is specially design for mupen 64 plus.

It has added benefit of being compatible with windows, mac, Linux, and Android. There are many qualities available in this emulator which makes it perfect.

Mupen 64 Plus FZ

This emulator is available for android only and this is one of the best emulators on the market. It comes with a bunch of features that may be helpful for you.

This version of the emulator is specially developed for mobile devices. All the plug-in is already provided in this emulator.

Mega N64

This emulator is ideal for android. This is the most popular emulator on android with more than 900000 user reviews and an average user rating of 4.6, and that is a very interesting feature about it.

Games must be installed onto a micro SD card to play them. Games can run easily and smoothly with the help of this emulator. It is not heavy in features but it may provide you the best of it. It can play the game without hitch.

It’s solid and easy to operate emulator, if you want to experience something easy then this is the best option to use with your devices.

Retro Arch

This emulator can be work for multiple platforms. It is a front end GUI, not technically an emulator. You can install emulator cores to run the game across a wide range of platforms.

This emulator has many features and it can customize many things by using its functions. It is neat and easy to install and use. If you are using multiple emulators then you should use this emulator for experiencing some new features, give it a try.

If you want to change the settings then it’s not super easy but you can do it by searching on Google or any other articles.

Classic Boy

It is one of the best emulators with multi-system emulators. It supports NES, SNK NeoGeo. Every platform has its own set of features along with a set of works on all of them.

Some of the emulators contain save or load states, gesture controls, sensor support and more.

Super N64

This emulator is quite famous as per its rating on the play store. Another emulator comes from N64 based on the open-source. It comes with a useful autosave option which makes it super cool.

It comes with options to resize dpad and it provides buttons for controls which helps to use this emulator smoothly. It can prevent lag and works well than others. If you are a serious gamer then you should try it out once.

Awe N64

In terms of popularity it has 4.2 ratings on play store. It gives you a high-quality gaming experience with its bunch of features. It has many similar features than other ones.

It is suitable for android devices and it comes with some very interesting facts such as good sound and graphic system almost like the original one. It can support many games including support for network and is arguably on the top to compatibility.

It has the function of smart file searches which make the device automatically search for N64 ROM on the SD card when the application is started.

Mupen 64 Plus AE

This is another best N64 emulator that is ideal for android devices. It provides more flexibility when it comes to compatibility. It a popular emulator with huge fan following and many downloads.

Apart from the minor issues, you may face with the controller. It is a quite decent emulator that you can use to play games.

Tendo 64

This is not so much popular like other ones but it is one of the cool options you can use for your android version. It is not popular because of its old versions. It has a 3.9 rating on the play store.

The recent update of this emulator makes it back in the league of top Nintendo 64 emulators for android. It has some of the key enhancements include auto-hiding of touchscreen controls, updated plugins, texture packs, lesser ads and light-up buttons on press and many bug fixes.


If we look forward, this emulator was simply a legendary machine for many passionate gamers. Still, we can recall all these emulators and we can use all these emulators for experiencing some good stuff in gaming.

All these Nintendo 64 emulators can provide you the joy you have been missing. (Best Nintendo 64 Emulator)

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