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Best N64 Emulator

Best N64 Emulator – N64 emulator was built by the front runner of Nintendo in 1996. It is considered as the higher power machine as compared to the Saga’s return and Sony PlayStation. But, N64 witnessed a vast decline in sales.

The fact that its 64 bit, and fast loading cartilage system, the company still chose to sell it. Unfortunately, people were more inclined towards the high-capacity 64-bit architecture. The developers also chose to rely on PlayStation because of the inability of N64 to proffer media-rich content, which is mostly demanded by games like Final Fantasy.

Best N64 Emulator

Best N64 Emulator

Apart from the above facts, the emulator is exceedingly helpful and well-emulated to play the high-end games. It can support Turok, Zelda, and goldeneye. It is exceedingly recommended to have a reliable graphic card and a modern system to emulate the machine.

Top Free N64 emulators for android



It is considered as one of the best multi-system emulators, which can support the NES. Each of the platforms comes with a different set range of features. Some of the features of the ClassicBoy include gesture controls, save/load states, sensor support, and so much more.



Munpeny64 comes equipped with a decent set of features as well. It is an absolutely free, open-source N64 emulator, which includes all the essential features. Usually, it does update when it comes to mobile devices. However, you can search for the Mupen64 on the Google play store and come across an array of Nintendo 64 emulators, which uses this one’s code.



It can be complicated to use the mupen64plus is not that easy to use. Beginners may face unusual complexions while using it. It provides a better audio experience. You need to boot up to the ROMs through the command line as it does not consist of the interface.

You also get the option to add the user-interface by installing plugins such as M64py, which is specifically built to aid Mupen64plus.

Mupen64Plus FZ 


It is a free emulator that is capable enough to support most of the games. You may come across complications while using this emulator because the user-interface is quite complex. In comparison with other emulators, it provides updates. The user guide provided in its play store’s description can help you get the picture of this emulator.


RetroArch is a free, open-source emulator, which offers loads of features. It includes remap controls, scans files, saves load states, option to add cheat codes, and plenty of other stuff. However, you are likely to face some complications initially. Once you get used to it, it can possibly turn out as the best emulator. The emulator is immensely impressive; it can support a total of 80 things, which makes it unrivaled.



It’s a user-friendly, open-source emulator. With the help of this emulator, you will no longer have to download the Glide 64 plugin, if the games fail to run smoothly or occur several lags and errors. It lets you play the games with a USB controller as well. Some of its features include high-resolution textures, save states, etc. Eliminate downloading the plugins for certain games such as additional audios and videos because Tendo64 offers it all. Back in the time, it was also available on the Google play store, and the non-windows version is still under development.

If you are using Windows, feel free to get it installed as it proffers the clean interface, which is capable enough to support the numerous Nintendo games.


 Project 64 is another open-source, easy to use, and popular emulator. It has an enthusiastic, dedicated community that works towards consistently merging changes to fix bugs. The latest version of Project64 discards the need for installing additional plugins for certain games. Gamers no longer have to download the Glide64 video plugin separately. This amazingly performing emulator allows you to play with high-resolution textures and USB controllers. We felt that the audio of Project 64 is inconsistent.

Project64 is a pretty good option for those using the Windows operating system and looking for an emulator with a clean interface.


 MegaN64 is said to be the twisted version of Mupen64+. Impressively, it is another popular emulator with approximately 900,000 user reviews. You need to install the game onto a microSD card. The games load in a jiffy, and most of them run smoothly. Mega N64 does not come with advanced features, but it is a good choice for those looking to play some old classic games. One big unavoidable trouble with Mega N64 is the advertisement that pop-up often.


Every N64 emulator available is different from others in terms of features and performance they deliver. Most of them work swiftly, but we suggest you, to pick your choice as per the configuration of your system, you could choose your preference as per the game you want to play.

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