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Best DS Emulator

Best DS Emulator – Nintendo DS is the 7th epoch of handheld game comfort from Nintendo that succeeded the Game Boy Advance SP. The most popular portable console is properly considered. It’s no big surprise, there are still lots of gamers willing to save the cutie from New Super Mario Bros.

The main issue with the majority of them is the lack of a real console to play their favorite titles. Fortunately, physical support stopped being essential to play retro comfort games when the emulators arrived.

Emulators are the valuable equipment which enables us on our advanced machines to run our favorite games from the past. In this way, plan to accept your dream with the latest Nintendo DS simulator for the Mac throughout case you want to enjoy Nintendo DS games on your Computer. Most of the games developed for that device are still popular and can be played on a PC.

Best DS EmulatorBest DS Emulator

Emulators and ROMs

Emulators and ROMsEmulators will restore the Nintendo DS days on Ios. Download one of these apps and you can play Nintendo DS games without any problems on your phone. That said, a Nintendo DS emulation is just a component of how you enjoy Mobile Nintendo DS games.

You can picture the simulator as the Nintendo DS system, but you cannot run a computer without the plays, right? This is just the ROMs, the service of the simulator. Then you will have to navigate the Web to find the ROMs that work with the emulator, after finding a good DS emulator for you, which works for you below.

And you must be very cautious because you must be informed of copyright laws when uploading and using ROMs — only make sure that they are publicly available. There’s five of the strongest Nintendo DS emulators to find for Android without further ado:


NDS4DroidNDS4Droid is a Nintendo DS emulator that everybody should love. The emulator is totally free, so you don’t have any costs. This embraces audio and save, so not only do you play an interactive match that your sound brings to the table, you can also rest assured your game remains right where you left off, for you.

The code is open source is one of the nice stuffs about NDS4Droid. It means that users and customers are constantly improving the software. An example is a recent update, in which a German translation has been added.

It’s great, and this incredible app can only improve in the future. There is even a website in the app, so that you can follow the improvements and learn about the project.


NDS BoyNDS Boy is yet another fantastic emulator, with many features that allow users to play and return for more. Please note that on more popular devices this works best, whereas devices older or not so well known may not be recognizable. Developers of NDS Boy suggest ensuring your computer has 2 GB of RAM and a quad core (or better) processor.

NDS Boy provided game directories, including.nds,.zip,.7z and.rar, in all different types. With regard to specific versions of Android, recognizable devices running on 6.0 or more should swimming. You will also love saving and loading status, fast loading, rapid saving and auto saving.

You know how frustrating it can be, if you’ve spoken for some long time on your Nintendo DS level or if it falls on you. You can say goodbye to the days when you wonder where you’ve saved your last progress.

DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS EmulatorThis Exophase emulator is fantastic and so rich with various gameplay options and costs only $5. Spielers can love all the apps, visuals and even keys that can turn the whole worlds of all your favorite games into a whole new level of awesomeness. You can save your games later on to your Google Drive Cloud.

DraStic DS Emulator supports virtually any external controller that works with your device and enables you to increase the speed of the game quickly. In addition, you can save your advance, access a whole database of scams and more.

NDS Emulator

NDS EmulatorIt is designed to work for versions of Android 6.0 or higher. NDS simulator. Right in your Android phone, with. nds and.zip files, you’ll enjoy your favorite Ninsondo DS games.

Another good feature is the integration of this simulator with existing controls. So, you can link to you if you have one.


RetroArchThis emulator is a little different from the other emulators listed here, because it is only one of its great things to get your favorite DS games to your Android device. You can see, this wonderful feature, RetroArch, can also be used by another application known as Libretro.

You can basically play games not only on RetroArch, but also create your own games, emulators and programs for use with the right tools. This is an open source application so that, if you choose, you can check out and develop the product even more.


SuperNDSSuperNDS is a good emulator you can use as a DS replacement for Nintendo. This one has many functionalities from an emulator; as discussed previously, though, you need a ROM to operate on it. Games are played with uncompressed ROMs fast, but NDS game files such as.nds,.zip,.7z, and.rrar can also be used.

You can only transfer your NDS game files to a SD or an internal shelf, install and play ready for the SuperNDS simulator.


MegaNDSLast, but not least of all, we’ve got MegaNDS on our countdown. Save States and player support for file types as.nds,,.zip,.7z, and.rrar are enabled by this simulator.

Cheat codes are provided, and a customized interface is available, and most games can function without difficulties. MegaNDS should work extremely smoothly on newer smartphones and offer an enjoyable and lag-free experience. Some of the newest displays that are available today will look great.

These emulators are a great way to retract the past from your present on the device you use every day if you miss your Nintendo DS days. Make sure to tell us which of these to use and if you recall a preference.

Once more, remember that it will take you a ROM to play anywhere on your emulator. You can look for Google, but make sure that you find it.

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