5 Best spy Apps for Protecting Your Child’s Online Activity

Letting your kid get a cell phone provides a lot of advantages. It helps keep them secure, and if they are in danger, they can always call you. It also allows them, and their families, to retain a balanced social life. 

There seem to be a lot of risks, nevertheless, that comes with having a phone, and parents must be able to safely monitor the use of their child. You have to know if websites that are unsuitable for them are visited, and being able to track their location will allow you to be certain they are secure. A safe solution to safeguard them from cyber abusers and bullying is also to provide access to texts and emails. 

Many parents are taking to their kid’s phones to use free spy software so they can track all of their actions and ensure they are protected. There seem to be several different products available today, so we have come up with a list of great options.

Spyic: Top Of The Spy App 

The Spyic app includes all features that a parent might like to ensure the protection of internet activities for their kids. It helps you to gather a lot of data about the device.

 For starters, if your child wants to access some objectionable sites, you can block sites and applications with the help of Spyic. Plus, as your kids start to check for the material that you have filtered out, it will notify you. 

You can set it up to monitor all the activities of your kids. You can spy on all the text messages, call logs, social media activities, track location, & even set geofencing & whenever your kid enters the restricted area you get a notification instantly.  Moreover,   there’s no need to root or jailbreak to access the targeted device. 

Also, the premium plans of Spyic are very affordable when compared with other apps. Visit the Spyic homepage to get started with this app today!


Spyine is among the most robust applications available for parental control, and we like that you can choose either a standard edition free of charge or pay up to unlock advanced functionality. For a three-day period, which is good but still the shortest trial period we’ve had, you can check out all the premium services. 

The emergency button is one of our favorite features at Spyine. Via the Spyine application on their mobile, children can reach the alarm button. 

You get an automatic distress warning when they press the button and, due to location monitoring, you can know precisely wherever your child is when they call for assistance. But this app contains no compliance with software antivirus & offers a very short premium trial.   


MinSpy is among the most powerful free spy programs to watch the calls and messages of a child and safeguard them from online bullying and online abusers. You will just have to pay for a subscription just after the free 3-day trial, so it will allow you to keep your kids safe. 

Some days, online bullying is really widespread, but many kids will keep things to themselves and will not tell their parents, so the problem is escalating. But with mobile spy apps like MinSpy, you’ll know immediately if there is a crisis. 

The circumstance can also scare children who are threatened by online predators who won’t know something is incorrect, and you’ll need surveillance software like MinSpy to help you safeguard your kids.


The CocoSpy is the latest free spy software that you can use without subscribing for a short period. CocoSpy focuses specifically on tracking the web use of your kid and ensuring that they can not view anything that may be dangerous to them. 

Because most separate social media pages, as well as other sites, can be linked as you want, and CocoSpy can track the behavior of your infant. The best feature is that if the app picks up on something important, it will give you updates. This suggests that CocoSpy still acts with you to help you track and keep your child secure.


There are a lot of aspects and a good reputation for Spyier, but the setup is a hassle and it costs more than some other choices out there. If you wish to cover only one computing device, you can purchase Spyier for Windows (around $40), and you can cover between five and 20 computers, like mobile phones, with the Family Security Pass ($55-$90). 

Wrapping Up 

We have to protect children in the current digital era. Dangers such as cyberbullying, abusers online, as well as other cyberattacks targeting young people are continually evolving.  

It’s important to identify the individual interests of your families when it comes to choosing the right parental control software. Among all the apps described above, we recommend you using Spyic for its excellent features & good reputation.

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